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Subject: Character surnames
Author: Mairead   (Authenticated as megi99)
Date: May 7, 2011 at 12:38:08 PM
I am writing a story for my class, and it is about 5 girls
I have named them:
Sarah Faith (Sadie) ????
Matilda Edith (Mattie) ????
Margaret Cecilia (Mamie) ????
Temperance Lydia (Tempe) ????
Elizabeth Marie (Libby) ????
If you could think of a good surname for all of them, I would greatly appreciate it. They live in America 1856.
Sadie is a very rich daughter of a very important political figure.
Mattie lives out in the woods and is a very poor orphan
Mamie is the daughter of middle class teacher and blacksmith
Tempe is the daughter of shopowners
Libby is the daughter of farmowners and and a shopkeeper
Thanks. :P

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