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Subject: Pseudonyms
Author: Pyrrhus Emery Coal   (Authenticated as Pyrrhus Emery Coal)
Date: February 22, 2012 at 1:27:41 PM
this is one thing that alot of writers "struggle" with; choosing your Pseudonym or Pen Name.

My Given Name is Scott David Rankins, I hate my middle name of David because there were too many people with that name during my School Years. When I graduated from High School, I created a fictional Genealogy for my characters and the Great Grandfather of my Villain was named Pyrrhus Emery Coal which means Fire Powered Stone (loosely)

Well I'm thinking that when I do finish my novel and try to get it published the Editors would want to change my name... the newest one I was thinking of is Chris Jenkins because one of my neighbors thinks my name is Chris (from Family Guy) and Jenkins sounds better with that Given Name.

What are your opinions?

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