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Subject: Re: Need help creating a villain...
Author: mcts   (guest,
Date: March 5, 2012 at 10:45:23 PM
Reply to: Re: Need help creating a villain... by avesjohn
I like the way you've taken the ideas and expanded them into something great. You mentioned that the story is an allusion to Frankenstein, so the electricity is the perfect element to use because it was important in those stories too.

With a college setting, there are many ways to introduce new people. It depends on what sort of relationship you want Clara to have with them. Depending on if AJ or Miranda have roommates and if they live in the dorms, Clara could be either ones new roommate. Or Clara could be working on an assignment with AJ, Miranda, Derek, or all and they could be come friends.

Sorry, Igor wasn't meant as a serious suggestion. It would work in a comedy, but not in a serious story. What sort of historical events are you wanting to use? Are you interested in worldwide events or something more local. What sort of names do you want for him? Common names or something odd? Does meaning have any importance to you?

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