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Subject: Re: Need help creating a villain...
Author: avesjohn   (Authenticated as avesjohn)
Date: March 5, 2012 at 11:50:25 PM
Reply to: Re: Need help creating a villain... by mcts
I probably should have phrased my first question better. Being a college student myself, I'm pretty savvy to the workings of the setting. As I have it planned, blonde AJ, brunette Miranda, and a redhead named Stephanie are all close friends (connected by their interest in the natural world), while to them Clara (who is initially introduced as a periphery character in the werewolf story, with her powers only hinted at) is a mysterious, solitary girl known mostly for her promiscuous ways and an antagonistic relationship with AJ, when they speak at all. They all live in the same dorm (AJ and Miranda are roommates), and there's always funny smells coming from Clara's room. (Some of it's from spells and potions, and some of it's...not.)

What I was getting at was, specifically, how Derek could be connected to the mad scientist. Though the man would be secretive, he appears a normal businessman to the general public, so the question arises as to how he remains hidden so well, requiring the aforementioned people to kill to get to him. The obvious idea is to make him some sort of electrician, but I think that's a little too obvious. What kind of setting could the mad scientist have access to the materials required to make him what he is, while also not making him an obvious suspect and also allowing him control over a large number of people? (Funnily enough, famous real mad scientist Nikola Tesla went to Colorado for his studies in electricity; the fact that this story takes place there with a similar character is an interesting coincidence.)

Last night, after writing the above, I thought some more about how best to design this character, and what I think is a great idea occurred to me: he's not jealous of beings that have these powers (that sounds too petty, IMO), but rather, he wishes to weaponize them. Make the superhuman subhuman. This gives him a good reason to use electricity (e.g., cattle prods to keep captured subjects in line) and to intentionally make his captives angry (anger enhances strength). My plan is, when Clara was a little girl (c. 1986-1988), she and her parents were kidnapped by this man after someone heard about her powers. He experiments on both parents and Clara, and when it becomes clear that the parents had nothing to do with Clara's powers, he kills them to anger Clara and thus make his weapon stronger. For another c. 5 years, Clara is his captive until she escapes in her preteen years. But 5 years of torture and experimenting has made her the madman's greatest creation, his most powerful weapon. And now that weapon wants him dead. I think this whole concept ties in well with the Frankenstein allegory. What do you think?

As for his name, I'm looking for something sinister-sounding but not unusual or particularly uncommon, and definitely not with any sort of meaning pertaining to electricity, lightning, etc., since to me, overuse of that kind of naming scheme just shows a lack of creativity.

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