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Subject: Help Finding Names!
Author: lakin5   (Authenticated as lakin5)
Date: March 6, 2012 at 1:29:48 AM
In one my series the two main characters Thea and Ellie fangirl over the TV show "Turning Zany" and the show acts as a reference or parallel to the events that are happening in their lives, and used as a plot device! The show is a comedy sitcom for kids and teens a like!

Turning Zany is about a teen named Alexandria "Zandria" Turner, who parents are doctors at a mental hospital. Zandria's best friends Daphne Riveria and Walter "Wally" Evans tend to hang out in the hospital with Zandria and that is where crazy and hilarious adventures take place! Zandria is also friends with a patient named Sarah, who has a low/ moderate form of schizophrenia and she is about 8 or 10.

Zandria's mom is a therapist and is dad is a medical doctor. The mom has sassy and spitefire personality, but also a norturing side; I was think about naming her Philippa "Pippa" or Pepper, though Pepper Turner maybe too punny. For the dad he is relaxed and laid back, but serious; a name for him that comes to mind is Joseph "Joe" or Seth.

The hositpal is a relaxed place for patients and tend to treat low or moderate cases of made up and hilarious "disorders" or problems. Because of comedy purposes to give the show a more light feel but it will have some serious moments too.

I need help finding names Mr. Turner, Mrs. Turner, the hositpal, and a last name for Sarah!

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