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Subject: Need help and suggestions (sorry, it's a long idea)
Author: Rachael   (Authenticated as stingraybunnyturtle7)
Date: March 12, 2012 at 2:58:15 PM
I know this is like the fourth idea I've put up, but...

I had this idea for a futuristic world (probably a futuristic, corrupted America), where the government super-controlling. They are also paranoid, and will send people to The Rooms. When someone commits treason, is suspected of it, or a loved one does it, they will receive this letter:


Due to (an overpopulation issue/suspicion that you have committed treason against the country), you are to be deported on DATE.

or something along that line. Really, they send you to The Rooms, a series of 100 high-tech rooms that are like a living video game. This allows them to get rid of threats without too many casualities. You have about a 60% chance of living, and 85& of those who do go crazy. If you live, you are actually deported.
Either way, once you go, you never see your family again.

Very few people know what they really are, those that do are sent in.

I have two story lines pertaining to this.

Storyline A

This one follows a boy (14) and a girl (18). Neither have names yet. The boy is very smart, and gets tested to work as an architect and designer. He lives with his mentor, and artistic young woman. She is ordered to keep him from knowing that they are designing The Rooms (every now and then the government gets bored of one).
He finds out. Why? His father was "deported", but jumped out of a building. His family was told not to speak of it. Because of this, his mother joined an underground agency (she's still fine) and so he knows.
It follows their friendship and possible resistance movement, having struggles one where to go with this.
The boy will eventually run away, and the girl follows.

So... this is what I need:
1. The boy's name, I like Alec, maybe Stephen.
2. The girl's name, thinking something more foreign like Talia or Frieda.
3. The government's threat for keeping the girl quiet. My idea is either they'll send her or a family member in. Sending her in, however, seems too... I dunno.
4. Use of the dog(s). I had an idea of them chasing him or the government using it to kill him or use the dog(s) killing people as a way to gain power.
5. Would superpowers thrown in be too much?
6. I'd also like general advice, ideas, criticism.

Storyline B

This one follows a man, a baby boy, and about four kids going through the rooms. At one point the man escapes with the baby, promising to get help and save the kids. He partners up with another man, probably a cop who's a bit self-centered and lazy but still wants to help, though sometimes will want to quit. The original man never gives up on the kids.

1. Names for the man, cop, baby (1), and kids (who are about 11-14)
2. Ideas for Rooms
3. Should I kill anyone? I always want no, so I need outside help here.
4. General advice, ideas, criticism, etc.


How can the plots interconnect? Should the boy (and later girl) meet up with the man? How thickly do you think they need to interconnect? etc, etc.

Anything would help!
Thank you, and I'm sorry if I don't take criticism well (I haven't really gotten it, I'm a bit sensitive, and stubborn, anyways, sorry. I'm working on it!)

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