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Subject: Re: Dolly's Character Survey!
Author: dino432   (Authenticated as dino432)
Date: March 20, 2012 at 4:15:02 AM
Reply to: Dolly's Character Survey! by La Reina
1. What is your full name?
Dr Eilidh Niamh McCallum, but I haven't been called Eilidh since I was seven.

2. Date of birth? How old are you?
July 18, 1985. I'm 26.

3. What is your birth sign?
I'm pretty sure you could work that out, but it's Cancer.

4. What’s your earliest memory?
Being left at boarding school.

5. Describe yourself in five words.
Reclusive, shy, faithful, boring, caring.

6. Describe your accent.
American, but with a Scottish lilt.

7. Who in your life are you closest to?
Probably my husband.

8. What phrase do you use the most?
I'm not sure what phrase, but I use the word 'just' a lot.

9. Which item of clothing/accessory do you wear the most?
I have a gold bracelet with a charm of a pair of children in silhouette. My initials are stamped on the back.

10. What is your favourite book?
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. My daughter is always asking I read it to her.

11. It is nine o’clock on an average Monday morning. Where are you; what are you doing?
Dropping my daughter off at day-care before heading to work.

12. It is eleven o’clock on an average Friday night. Where are you; what are you doing?
If I'm not at home sleeping, at work. I'm a midwife and babies don't really care for social lives.

13. Of which of your talents are you most proud?
I'm not really proud of any talents people say I have. If I had to pick one I thought I genuinely had, it would have to be drawing. I'm not too bad at that.

14. Which of your possessions have you had the longest?
The gold bracelet. I've had that since I was about five, but it didn't fit my wrist until I hit seventeen.

15. Name three objects that are in your bedroom.
Bed, dressing table, framed rugby shirt.

16. If you were given an unlimited supply of money, what would be the first thing you would do with it?
Donate it to charity. There are a lot of worthy causes out there and I don't really need anything.

17. Describe your current home.
Tiny. It's a small two-bedroom apartment, but there's hardly room to move about in each room, especially the bathroom.

18. What is your favourite name?
Eden, that's my daughter's name. We named her Eden because she's the only perfect thing to happen to us and she makes the world a little more beautiful.

19. How about your favourite colour?
White, but it's not really a color.

20. Favourite room in your home?
Eden's. Liam and I painted it like a jungle. Eden's obsessed with animals, so Liam decided to paint this giant lion on the wall beside the closet. Oddly enough, it's also always the tidiest room in the apartment.

21. Favourite food?
Chicken and cheese sandwich with lettuce, cucumber and mustard.

22. Favourite drink?

23. Favourite fabric?
Linen. It smells amazing after it's been washed.

24. Favourite hairstyle?
Fishtail plaits. I can't do it, but Eden's tried to teach me. It's not worked so far.

25. Favourite time of day?
Really early in the morning, just after the sun comes up.

26. Favourite sort of weather?

27. Do you like your handwriting?
Well, it's a little messy, but not as bad as my husband's!

28. Are you superstitious?
No, but I do believe you can jinx things.

29. How about religious?
Yes, I'm Catholic.

30. If you are religious, how do you feel about those who aren’t? If you aren’t, how do you feel about those who are?
It's their decision, I just happen to think it's the wrong one.

31. Do you take any sort of medication?
No, but I am prescribed iron because I'm slightly anaemic.

32. Do you wear makeup/perfume/cologne?
No, I don't have time. The most I wear is lip gloss.

33. Would you rather have lots of friends who secretly hate you, or no friends at all?
No friends. I spent my childhood living with a family that probably hated me, so I'd rather not be hated, overtly or otherwise.

34. Name three people you admire.
My husband's grandfather, my old math tutor and Queen Elizabeth.

35. Name three things that cross your mind a lot.
I'm not sure. It's probably nothing deep. Most likely just 'what's for lunch?'.

36. What is your most unusual trait?
Don't know.

37. What is your strangest habit?
I clean the floor tiles in our apartment individually.

38. Do you swear?

39. Do you smoke?

40. Do you drink?
Socially, when I have time to go out.

41. What would others cite as your most irritating habit?
I play with pens a lot, tapping them on whatever's around me.

42. If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be?
The color of my hair; I'd make it lighter. My mother was a blonde and so is my daughter, but it looks really odd as both me and my husband have jet-black hair. I do dye it when I can, but I'd rather it was naturally lighter.

43. How about if you could change one thing about your past?
I'd probably change my dad. He always valued my brother more than me and my mother, even though I was his only legitimate child.

44. If you could change one thing about your life at the moment?
I wish Liam and I didn't work as much and got to spend more time with Eden.

45. If you could change one thing about the rest of the world?
I'd change our cultural attitude to sex. Somehow in all this permissiveness, we've lost the meaning of it. We think it's a way to have fun or release feelings, but it's more than that and people ruin it for themselves with that attitude. Not to mention all the problems it causes when things go wrong.

46. Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you?
No, I'm a pretty simple person. Not that interesting at all.

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