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Subject: Re: Dolly's Character Survey!
Author: lakin5   (Authenticated as lakin5)
Date: March 20, 2012 at 2:30:50 PM
Reply to: Dolly's Character Survey! by La Reina
1. Eleanora Hope Solomon, but people just call me Ellie!
2. April 6, 1998. I'm 13!
3. I'm pretty sure I'm an Aries!
4. My earliest memory is being with my dad, that was before he died.
5. Nice, happy, full of energy, a little crazy, and a fangirl! Does the fangirl one count?
6. I don't think I have an accent, but I think my accent is very plain and nothing fancy.
7. Oh, that is a hard one! But I think I'm closet to my mom!
8. Not sure?
9. I love to wear skirts, they are so cute and fun to wear!
10. I'm not sure, I mostly read fanfiction for "Turning Zany"
11. I will be at school in class!
12. I probably be asleep but I might stay up doing fangirl stuff!
13. I'm not sure if I have any talents at the moment?
14. The philosophy quote book my dad gave me!
15. Bed, closet, and laptop.
16. I will meet the cast of "Turning Zany" and bring my best friend, Thea, so we can fangirl together!
17. A small two bedroom apartment.
18. Not sure, but I like names of the characters and cast of "Turning Zany."
19. Pink! But I also like green like my eyes!
20. My bedroom!
21. Mac and cheese! It's so gooey and cheesy!
22. Pink lemonade!
23. Not sure, I have never thought about it.
24. I tend to keep it down since my hair is too short to style with!
25. Morning!
26. Sunny with no clouds!
27. It's ok, but I think it is too big!
28. A little bit since I believe in karma, signs, and luck!
29. No, I think I'm too young to be religious!
30. N/A
31. No!
32. Yes, I wear some make up and perfume!
33. Not sure how to answer this one?
34. My mom, Thea, and Zandria, the main character of "Turning Zany!"
35. My friends, fangirling, and "Turning Zany!"
36. I am the shortest person in my grade maybe even the whole school!
37. I think I talk too much about fangirling and "Turning Zany."
38. No, of course not because swearing is rude! But sometimes I use replacement words when I can't help myself!
39. No!
40. No!
41. I guess people find me annoying because I won't shut up!
42. I don't think I will change any except for being taller, so I won't have to stand on my tippy toes in order to reach something!
43. I will make it so my father would be alive because I miss him so much and I love him!
44. I don't I will change anything!
45. No wars and fighting so other people won't have to lose their dad like I did.
46. I don't think so!

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