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Subject: Re: Dolly's Character Survey!
Author: Fiammetta   (guest,
Date: March 21, 2012 at 1:36:31 PM
Reply to: Dolly's Character Survey! by La Reina
1. What is your full name?
Delia Murciano

2. Date of birth? How old are you?
October 20th. I'm 28 years old

3. What is your birth sign?

4. What’s your earliest memory?
Playing in my room

5. Describe yourself in five words.
Daughter of the public enemy

6. Describe your accent.
It's a standard American accent

7. Who in your life are you closest to?
My best friend Emily, who's always there for me

8. What phrase do you use the most?
None in particular

9. Which item of clothing/accessory do you wear the most?
A blazer I often wear at work

10. What is your favourite book?
The Great Gatsby if I have to pick one

11. It is nine o’clock on an average Monday morning. Where are you; what are you doing?
I've just come into work

12. It is eleven o’clock on an average Friday night. Where are you; what are you doing?
Until recently, I would have been out about town with my friends. I keep mostly to myself these days.

13. Of which of your talents are you most proud?
I don't really have a talent to be proud of.

14. Which of your possessions have you had the longest?
Some jewelry I was given as a child? I don't keep stuff very long

15. Name three objects that are in your bedroom.
A largish bed, a built-in wardrobe, a night table

16. If you were given an unlimited supply of money, what would be the first thing you would do with it?
Organize for my father to run off someplace where no one can find him

17. Describe your current home.
It's a little flat downtown, with one bedroom, a living room and a tiny kitchen

18. What is your favourite name?
No idea

19. How about your favourite colour?

20. Favourite room in your home?
The living room, where I can snuggle up to watch movies and read

21. Favourite food?
Chinese takeout as of now

22. Favourite drink?
I like cocktails all right...but I'm not drinking much these days

23. Favourite fabric?
I like how silk feels over my body

24. Favourite hairstyle?
I wear my hair shoulder length

25. Favourite time of day?

26. Favourite sort of weather?

27. Do you like your handwriting?
It's pretty average

28. Are you superstitious?

29. How about religious?
No. I wasn't raised religiously, what with being the child of a lapsed Catholic and a secular Jew

30. If you are religious, how do you feel about those who aren’t? If you aren’t, how do you feel about those who are?
I don't mind what religious people do, I don't interact with many anyway

31. Do you take any sort of medication?
No, but I might need sleeping pills soon

32. Do you wear makeup/perfume/cologne?
Yes, regularly

33. Would you rather have lots of friends who secretly hate you, or no friends at all?
Maybe the latter, the former has sort of happened at times.

34. Name three people you admire.
I'm not one for admiring

35. Name three things that cross your mind a lot.
Will my father go to prison? Will I have to take care of him, then? How will all of this affect my life?

36. What is your most unusual trait?
There's nothing that unusual about me... oh well, it's embarrassing to admit but my slight addiction to one-night stands or flings might be somewhat unusual.

37. What is your strangest habit?
I don't have any in particular

38. Do you swear?

39. Do you smoke?
I did when I was younger. Both tobacco and pot.

40. Do you drink?

41. What would others cite as your most irritating habit?
My stubbornness about some things

42. If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be?
I'd make myself thinner and taller.

43. How about if you could change one thing about your past?
To have the handled the break from my father better

44. If you could change one thing about your life at the moment?
I wish my family wasn't splattered all over the front pages of all newspapers

45. If you could change one thing about the rest of the world?
Stop them meddling in my family's business

46. Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you?
No. I feel way too much already is known about me.

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