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Subject: Re: Dolly's Character Survey!
Author: Rachael   (guest,
Date: March 23, 2012 at 12:58:18 PM
Reply to: Dolly's Character Survey! by La Reina
1. What is your full name?

Fulbert Léo Dupont

2. Date of birth? How old are you?

April 10, 2004. I'm eight.

3. What is your birth sign?

I have no idea what that even is. Sorry.

4. What’s your earliest memory?

I was in my new room at my mom's new house.

5. Describe yourself in five words.

Blond, polite, calm, smart, fun

6. Describe your accent.

French. After all, I live there!

7. Who in your life are you closest to?

My mom, my step-brother Luc Cordier, and my best friend Gabriel.

8. What phrase do you use the most?

I don't think I have one. If so I don't know it.

9. Which item of clothing/accessory do you wear the most?

My shoes. They're really comfy blue loafers.

10. What is your favourite book?

I don't think I can choose... I have a LOT of favorite books.

11. It is nine o’clock on an average Monday morning. Where are you; what are you doing?

I'm in science class, probably taking notes.

12. It is eleven o’clock on an average Friday night. Where are you; what are you doing?

I'm in bed, sleeping. I'm sure my answer will be more exciting in about 12 years.

13. Of which of your talents are you most proud?

I'd like to say I'm a fairly good actor. It's definately fun.

14. Which of your possessions have you had the longest?

I inherited a grandfather clock from my grandfather before I was born. He said it was for his grandchildren.

15. Name three objects that are in your bedroom.

Which one? At my mom's, there's a desk, a "fish" my half-brother made (I don't have to feed it but it swims really realistically) and a really soft blue rug.

16. If you were given an unlimited supply of money, what would be the first thing you would do with it?

I think I'd buy a whale. Just because I can.

17. Describe your current home.

My mom's is a nice three bedroom on the outskirts of town and my dad's (which, sadly, is my primary residence) is a two bedroom apartment. I share a room with my step-sister (Sylvie, 7), twin half-brothers (Jacques and Patrice, 6) and half sisters (Marie, 5, and Colette, 4).

18. What is your favourite name?

Fulbert. Or Valentine. I have a crush on her *blushes*

19. How about your favourite colour?


20. Favourite room in your home?

My room at my mom's. Or maybe Luc's room.

21. Favourite food?

I like chicken.

22. Favourite drink?

Probably Cola.

23. Favourite fabric?

I have no idea.

24. Favourite hairstyle?


25. Favourite time of day?

Early afternoon... so much to do.

26. Favourite sort of weather?

Sunny, but not unbearably hot.

27. Do you like your handwriting?

Yes, of course everyone says I have to write bigger because it just looks like a capital letter and then a bumpy line. It's cursive.

28. Are you superstitious?


29. How about religious?

Fairly. But I don't always go to church.

30. If you are religious, how do you feel about those who aren’t? If you aren’t, how do you feel about those who are?

Beleive what you beleive. Just let other people do what they want.

31. Do you take any sort of medication?

Not enless I'm sick.

32. Do you wear makeup/perfume/cologne?

Definately not.

33. Would you rather have lots of friends who secretly hate you, or no friends at all?

No friends at all.

34. Name three people you admire.

I can't decide. I'm sorry.

35. Name three things that cross your mind a lot.

"Why doesn't Gabriel ever open his eyes?"
"Valentine's pretty"
and I think a lot about my friend Camille, too. It's kind of weird.

36. What is your most unusual trait?

My handwriting, apparently

37. What is your strangest habit?

Oh, maybe THIS is handwriting. Oh well.

38. Do you swear?

No. I'm eight

39. Do you smoke?

See question 38.

40. Do you drink?

I have a sip at dinner on holidays. But that's not drinking, I guess. So no.

41. What would others cite as your most irritating habit?

Gabriel or Mathieu. Between Gabriel always super happy and Mathieu being ITALIAN they're a handful.

42. If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be?

I'd be taller!!!

43. How about if you could change one thing about your past?

My dad wouldn't have sued for custody and won. My mom's a much better parent.

44. If you could change one thing about your life at the moment?

I'd live with my mom, (step-)dad, and (step-)brother.

45. If you could change one thing about the rest of the world?

No more genocide.

46. Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you?

I have a mom, a dad, a step-mom, a step-dad, a step-brother, a step-sister, two half-brothers and two half-sisters. My best friends are Gabriel Lefebvre, Mathieu Rousseau, Hughues Mercier and Camille Lemaire. That's all.

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