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Subject: Re: The Party Game!
Author: Viola Eponine   (Authenticated as Saffine Grace)
Date: March 30, 2012 at 5:56:40 AM
Reply to: Re: The Party Game! by plingy
"Look," said Ira softly, pointing, "There's another kid here."

"It's rude to point," Fox gave him one of her lofty, self-righteous stares, made all the more irritating by the fact that she was three years younger than him. Ira lowered his hand.

"D'you think we should go and talk to her?" he asked the others, "She looks kind of bored."

Auden shrugged. "She's with her father."

"So? We'll talk to him, too." Ira took a few tentative, experimental steps in the direction of the little girl and her father, to see if his sisters would follow. To his surprise, they did, albeit grudgingly. Encouraged, Ira made his way over to the pair.

"Um," he started, his vast reserves of words drying up as soon as he reached them, "Er. Hi." He looked only at the girl, generally finding adults he didn't know well intimidating, "I'm Ira. What's your name?"


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