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Subject: Re: The Party Game!
Author: Viola Eponine   (Authenticated as Saffine Grace)
Date: March 30, 2012 at 10:08:19 AM
Reply to: Re: The Party Game! by plingy
"Just our mum," Ira responded, and, at a pointed glance from the imperious Fox, added hastily, "Oh, and, erm, it's nice to meet you, too. These are my sis-"

"We can introduce ourselves, thanks, Ira," Auden cut in, snippily. Then, pasting a smile onto her heart-shaped face; "Hi Charlotte. Hi... Charlotte's dad. I'm Auden. I've got the lovely honour of being Ira's older sister," she couldn't resist adding in a voice that dripped sarcasm.

Fox sighed inwardly at the frosty atmosphere between her siblings. "I'm Fox," she introduced herself briskly, "It's very nice to meet you both." To Charlotte, she added, "Do you like MageWorld?" MageWorld was Fox's new favourite television show and latest craze, with which she was utterly obsessed, "I do. My favourite character's the queen."


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