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Subject: Re: Spencer scanned the room...
Author: Etoile   (Authenticated as Etoile)
Date: March 30, 2012 at 1:18:53 PM
Reply to: Re: Spencer scanned the room... by Parfaitcheri
Spencer pulled away from the man again slightly when he brought his hand toward his mouth, and his eyes widened again when Saul called him "beautiful". At least it's better than "pretty"... he thought, although he was still not sure how he felt about the fact that words of that nature were what people always chose to describe him.

He took Aurelia's hand. "Pleased to meet you, too. He did not make me uncomfortable, exactly, mainly surprised. I wasn't really expecting anyone to flirt with me at this party, and certainly not a married man."

He looked back to Saul. "I can see no harm in it. What sort of drinks do they have here, anyway?"

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