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Subject: Re: Spencer scanned the room...
Author: Parfaitcheri   (Authenticated as sarinvae)
Date: March 30, 2012 at 2:53:32 PM
Reply to: Re: Spencer scanned the room... by Etoile
"Well we've never heard of America. But then look at all the people around us. Everyone is dressed very strangely," Aurelia observed, "maybe everyone here is from some place entirely different?"

"Yes... look at that man over there, " Saul pointed towards a man who looked like a very large, human sized bug, walking on two legs and drinking and talking normally, "I don't think he's even human. Or at least, even where we're from which is full of strange things doesn't have whatever that is." Saul regarded the bug man uneasily. For all he knew it had exceptional hearing and was coming over to eat him with its intimidating looking mandibles.

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