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Subject: Re: Spencer scanned the room...
Author: Parfaitcheri   (Authenticated as sarinvae)
Date: March 31, 2012 at 7:07:00 AM
Reply to: Re: Spencer scanned the room... by Etoile
Aurelia pondered over the idea of journalism and then finally concluded, "We need something like that in Ondore. We only hear of thing by word of mouth or we send messages on runners or with carrier birds. Its very inefficient. There was a war, quite a few years ago and we were out fighting. We had been fighting for just a few weeks at that point when a messenger came in to deliver a note. The note told us that we were going to war, as if we couldn't tell already by being there."

Saul laughed at the thought of Spencer being called 'Gay Spencer' and added, "There was another Saul around for years and though I never was friends with him, people called him Nice Saul to distinguish. Which only made me wonder what they called me when I was not around..."

Aurelia smiled, knowing full well that people used to call Saul, not that she was about to say it. "We have violin's in Ondore, or at least instruments that you play with the motions you made. They have different names though. Very sad sounding instrument, melancholy but it is probably my favourite."

"Hmm I think there is something romantic about the name Roman. You get it? I am clever, no?" Saul smiled at himself, overly satisfied with his pun. Aurelia just shook her head, Saul was in a rare mood tonight.

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