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Subject: Re: The Party Game!
Author: lakin5   (Authenticated as lakin5)
Date: April 1, 2012 at 11:06:48 AM
Reply to: Re: The Party Game! by Etoile
"What!" Ellie did a double-take, did she heard him right? Maybe she was daydreaming and wasn't paying attention and misheard what he had said? The idea made Ellie laugh, not because she thought it was stupid but that she thought it was silly. Ellie was open-mind on the whole subject, but seeing how she was young she didn't have much experience on the subject. So she didn't how to properly react to it. But love was love, not matter what the gender was. "To each is own! I'm sorry to hear that but you find love someday!" Ellie gave him a sincere grin.

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