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Subject: "Twelve Dancing Princesses" retelling
Author: Kinola   (Authenticated as Kinola)
Date: April 1, 2012 at 6:10:25 PM
Reading Heather Dixon's Entwined has inspired me to do my own retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses. Haven't thought of a title for this story, but I have thought up characters and a summary for it.


Princess Begonia: The eldest princess, a stern yet compassionate young lady who does her best to keep her younger sisters content in their harsh life in the palace. Her gown color is purple. She is 20-years-old, with brown hair and violet eyes.

Princess Iris: The second princess and the protagonist of the story. Iris bears the most resemblance to her mother, which greatly irritates her father. Aside from dancing, Iris enjoys reading. Her gown color is green, she's 19-years-old, and has violet eyes and light brown hair.

Princess Hydrangea: The third princess. Stubborn as a mule, and not afraid to stand up for herself. She is 18-years-old, with blond hair and violet eyes. Her gown color is red.

Princess Gazania: The fourth princess, a timid young lady who is afraid of making others angry. She hates it whenever someone calls her "Gaz." Her gown color is pink. She's 17-years-old, with light brown hair and green eyes.

Princess Lobelia: The fifth princess, twin of Gazania. Unlike Gazania, Lobelia is more outgoing. She loves animals and wants desperately to have a pet for herself, despite her father's objections. Her gown color is yellow. She's 17-years-old, with brown hair and green eyes.

Princess Tulip: The sixth princess and the final daughter of Queen Violet and King Hulderic. She was only one when her mother died from pneumonia. She loves taking strolls through the palace gardens, and has a very beautiful singing voice. Her gown color is sky blue. She is 16-years-old, with blond hair and green eyes.

Princess Amity: The seventh princess and the first daughter born to King Hulderic and his second wife, Countess Verity. Like her half-sister Lobelia, Amity is also an animal lover who goes out horseback riding whenever the king is not at the palace. Her gown color is orange. She is 15-years-old, with red hair and sky blue eyes.

Princess Mercy: The eighth princess. Mercy enjoys cooking, and usually helps out the servants with the meals. It is she who brews up the drink that puts would-be suitors to sleep. Her gown color is magenta. She is 14-years-old, with blond hair and two different color eyes: one blue, the other green.

Princess Temperance: The ninth princess and the twin of Crown Prince Rochus. She has been playing the piano since she was five. Her gown color is navy blue. She is 13-years-old, with red-gold hair and green eyes.

Princess Merope: The tenth princess; firstborn daughter of King Hulderic and Lady Estelle, the king's third wife. Merope is very good at sewing, and she usually has to sew her torn dancing slippers as well as her sisters'. Her gown color is goldenrod. She is 12-years-old, with auburn hair and green eyes.

Princess Spica: The eleventh princess. Her gown color is red-violet. Spica is a curious girl who climbs trees and plays in the maze, much to her governess's chagrin. She is 11-years-old, with blond hair and amber eyes.

Princess Porrima: The twelfth princess, and Lady Estelle's last daughter before her banishment. Porrima is a sweet-natured girl who plays with dolls and is deathly afraid of her father. Her gown color is teal. She is 10-years-old, with auburn hair and green-gold eyes.

King Hulderic: The father of all twelve princesses and Prince Rochus. He is a strict man who views the opposite gender with scorn. He refuses to believe that a woman can lead a country, and is disgusted with the fact that he has had twelve girls. His waistcoats and jackets are emerald green. He is in his late forties, with blond hair and green eyes.

Queen Violet: The first wife of King Hulderic and the mother of Princesses Begonia, Iris, Hydrangea, Gazania, Lobelia, and Tulip. She was named for her violet eyes, but Violet had always thought she was named for the flower she liked so much, and as a result, she named her six daughters after some of her favorite flowers. Her gown color was scarlet with a lavender trim. She had light brown hair and violet eyes.

Countess Verity: King Hulderic's second wife and the mother of Princesses Amity, Mercy, and Temperance and Prince Rochus. Her marriage to the king was a sad, depressing one, with only her daughters and stepdaughters to keep her happy. She died giving birth to Temperance and Rochus. Her gown color was plum. She had deep red hair and sky blue eyes.

Lady Estelle: King Hulderic's third and final wife, the youngest daughter of an earl. Lady Estelle didn't seem to care much about children, especially her own, and would rather flirt with other men than spend any time with her husband. Her affair with a footman was discovered a year after Porrima was born, and she was banished from the kingdom. Rumor has it that she was placed in a bordello. After her exile, the king never bother to remarry. Lady Estelle never had a gown for herself, as she did not enjoy balls or dances. She had auburn hair and amber eyes.

Prince Rochus: The princesses' only brother, twin brother of Temperance. His birth was viewed as a blessing in Hulderic's eyes, and in spite of the fact that Countess Verity died giving birth to him, a great celebration was held in honor of his birth. He is a spoiled brat who enjoys bullying the servants and his sisters. His waistcoats and jackets are silver in color. He has deep red hair and green eyes. He is the Crown Prince.

Elda: The princesses' governess, a malevolent woman who usually punishes the girls for every mistake they make. She constantly clashes with Princess Hydrangea, and threatens to have them all thrown in the dungeon if they resist her orders. She is a plump woman with dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Les: An ugly, clumsy young man who was part of the King's royal army and is Elda's nephew. As he was too clumsy and careless to even use a pistol, Les was forced to wash the soldiers' clothes and dishes. His Aunt Elda, who felt pity for her nephew's lowly state, urged him to discover where the princesses go to every night so he can earn his honor back. He has a big nose, large feet, small ears, mud-brown hair, and hazel eyes.


Life for Princess Iris and her eleven sisters is far from wonderful. Their father ignores them, their brother bullies them, their governess abuses them, and the servants won't spare them a passing glance. The only comfort the girls can take in their miserable lives, apart from each other, is dancing. Only recently, Iris's youngest sister Porrima has discovered a passageway that leads out of the palace. From the palace, the girls can follow a path through the woods and to a lake, where they board a boat that will take them to a mysterious yet beautiful island, where they dance with strangers every evening, not caring if they tear up their dance slippers as a result.

It is not long before someone discovers the torn-up dancing slippers, and suddenly, life for Iris and her sisters becomes worse than it is, with their father inviting gentleman after gentleman to the palace, with the promise of the hand of a princess in marriage in exchange for discovering their secret, and their governess continually interrogating them about their whereabouts.

With no one to turn to, Iris and her eleven sisters must fight to keep their only source of happiness a secret from the kingdom. But with sleeping potions and alternative paths to the island, how long will it be before their secret is discovered?

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