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Subject: Another story
Author: AntoinetteMarie   (Authenticated as AntoinetteMarie)
Date: April 2, 2012 at 5:31:01 AM
In advance: sorry for my English, it is poor, I know. Sorry again.

Set in Detroit and Las Vegas, 2010 in a world where superheroes exist and their task is to fight against criminals in all cities there while they hide their identities in order to protect themselves and keep their secret.

The McNights are superheroes in Detroit: father Orson, his three children: Cornelia, Seth and Sebastian (each of them has different mother – because of Orson’s adventurous youth), then Seth’s wife Paula and their daughter Dawn and also Cornelia’s daughter Ava. They are quite priggish and quite rich because state just pays them for what they do. Their superheroism consists in that they’re superfast and superstrong (silly, I know, I cannot help it).

One day, the McNights find out that a DetroitNews journalist, Olivia Sugarman, know too much information about them and has some photos of them and is going to publish an article which would unfold everything what was hidden. To stop Olivia, superheroes kidnap her younger sister Willa and exact all photos and material for the article from Olivia as expiation.

Meanwhile, Robyn and Skyler Campbells are killed by a bomb in their car. The Campbells are superheroes in Las Vegas and they’re best friends with the McNights, who immediately leave Detroit to come to the funeral and take Willa, their obses, with them. They stay in Vegas for some days but then a police officer from Detroit calls Orson and asks him to return home.

Back in Detroit, the McNights find out that their house was destroyed by a fire. Few minutes later, Willa is kidnapped again, this time by her ex, Tony Accardi, who was a gangster and wanted to take revenge for reporting him at police (he was also in jail for some time). The McNights save her and Willa is now free to go back home to her sister.

Explanation: When Tony Accardi was freed from jail, he went to Willa´s house but she has been already kidnapped by superheroes, so he found only Olivia there. She told him that Willa was with superheroes but Tony didn’t understand. He thought that Willa was with them because she was afraid of him and wanted them to protect her. And so, Tony plans a revenge and organizes to murder Campbell’s daughters to manage that the McNights would leave Detroit for the funeral and leave Willa alone so he could hurt her or something. However, the McNights take Willa with them so Tony just has to wait until they return. He lets their house burn off and when the McNights return, he kidnaps Willa as he wants. But they save her and Tony dies.

Willa is probably meant to be the main character since the plot is dangling round her. Her feelings are important: first she is afraid of the McNights (finally, she was kidnapped...) but she soon realizes that they are the good ones, the superheroes for real and starts to get on with them though she still finds them too priggish as well.

Go ahead, your opinions! :) Critiques are welcomed.

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