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Subject: Re: Character Survey... with a twist!
Author: Etoile   (Authenticated as Etoile)
Date: April 2, 2012 at 9:00:37 PM
Reply to: Character Survey... with a twist! by Etoile
I've used these characters a lot lately, so you should recognize them. Let's say they're taking the survey in roughly late 2017 based on my timeline for them, and some kind of major things have changed, as you'll see. I'm using the two of them because I kept imagining them reacting to each other's responses and decided to just go with it. You can ask additional questions for either of them or for both.

1. What is your full name?
Spencer Hancock Montgomery IV. Never mention my middle name again.
Roman Tadeusz Malinowicz. We're taking this together like the disgustingly cute couple we are.
Not going to say it... It's just too easy...
What? "Well, I don't know about 'cute', but..."?
Yeah, something like that. Like I said, too easy.

2. Do you have any nicknames? If so, what are they? How do you feel about them?
Spence, for obvious reasons. I was also called "Theater Spencer" in high school, to distinguish me from "Jock Spencer". I'm kind of neutral to them. Theater Spencer was better than any alternatives that I heard, though.
Not really. Sometimes people call me RoMal for reasons I have yet to figure out.
It's because your name is long and intimidating.
And yours isn't?
Yours is Polish. This is America.
Fine, you win. Oh, our couple name is Montgomowicz.
I hate when people use it. Why do they feel a need to make those couple names?
I just think it's hilarious that we have a couple name. I thought people only did that for celebrities and fictional characters.
Oh, yeah, Roman calls me Hamlet when I'm being too pessimistic.
Then he always retaliates by calling me Candide.
It was a good comeback, you have to admit.
Oh, definitely. I was very impressed with your literary referencing skills.

3. When were you born? How old are you now?
I was born on June 5, 1992, so I'm 25.
August 9, 1991. I'm 26.

4. Where were you born? Do you still live there?
I was born in Boston, but I live near Chicago now.
I was born in Poland but I live near Chicago now.
Wow. Creative phrasing.
I do my best.

5. How would you describe your body (this includes things like height, weight, build, etc.)?
A bit under 6', and sort of thin but muscular, I guess.
A bit over 6 feet tall (ha!) and skinny. Really, really skinny.

6. What color is your hair? How is it styled?
It's brown, and kind of short and gelled up a little in the front.
Very dark brown, and kind of wavy, and otherwise just sort of there. Some people think it's too long, but I like it.

7. What color are your eyes?
Blue-green-gray. What's that word for it, again?
Right! Glasz, they're glasz.
Mine are brown.

8. Describe your skin/complexion.
Like, really pale.
We look like ghosts.

9. What about your hands?
They're... Um... Hands? I really don't know how to answer this.
Mine are kind of long and thin, and I have violin/guitar callouses on my left fingers.

10. Do you have any scars and/or physical handicaps?
Well, I wear glasses...
Not really. I mean, I have some scars from childhood accidents...
...but really, who doesn't?
...Oh my God, we're finishing each other's sentences.

11. Describe your family. How do you feel about them? Are you close to them?
My parents are both lawyers and they're kind of distant, but I do love them and they love me. My younger sister Haley is an absolutely wonderful person most of the time. I'm also pretty close with my father's family, even his mother's relatives in England. We don't speak to my mother's family, though, since they kind of have issues with me being gay. Yeah.
I'm from a working-class immigrant family, and we're all really close. I'm the second of five children, and the first one to go to college. They're pretty Catholic, but they ended up not having as much of a problem with me being bi and dating Spencer as I thought they would.

12. Do you have a best friend? If so, who is it? What is he/she like?
Maya Solomon is and always will be my best friend. She's like a sister to me, although it's probably good that we're not actually related, because that would be too many neuroses for one family. Then, of course, Roman's my boyfriend, so that's another sort of "best friend".
I honestly think I have to say Spencer. I'm not trying to be sentimental or cute or anything, but I've felt that way since before we were dating. Before he even knew I was bi and in love with him, actually.

13. Who are your other friends? What are they like?
Well, there's Caleb Hayashi, Maya's boyfriend.
The laid-back San Franciscan to her high-strung New Yorker. He's basically going to be that cool high school science teacher everyone wants to get someday. There's also Veronica Medina, future Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.
She wouldn't want to hear you say that in case you jinx it or something. Even if you're probably right.

14. What about other acquaintances? How do you feel about them? How often do you interact with them?
My roommate, Jonas, is an awful human being and I wish that I didn't live with him. His kind-of girlfriend Kayla is just as bad. Oh, and my friend Martin, who's in law school with me. Or does he belong in the previous question?
I have tons and tons of artist/musician friends/acquaintances. They're pretty cool, for the most part.

15. What makes you laugh? How would you describe your sense of humor?
I like wit and a bit of absurd humor.
I'm pretty similar. We're both pretty sarcastic and kind of weird, so we make each other laugh a lot.
Not to mention all of our friends have kind of similar senses of humor.
Spencer is much more self-deprecating, though.

16. What are your ambitions? Which is most important?
To be a lawyer, to go into politics, and hopefully be able to at least run for president if not actually become president. They're all important, since they're kind of in a logical sequence.
I'd love to be a world-famous violinist, but I'd be perfectly happy just getting into a symphony and just being able to play for the rest of my life. Maybe I'll actually seriously try to finish an indie rock album, too.

17. How would you describe your philosophy of life?
Always try to make the world better, no matter how hopeless it seems.
The world isn't perfect, but doesn't mean we can't enjoy it and try to make it even better.

18. Do you have any hobbies? What are they?
Acting, singing, reading, watching/reading the news, web surfing, playing video games, people-watching, learning random facts... I could go on and on forever.
Music is the most important, but I also like reading and a bunch of other things.
Like video games and the internet.
Yeah, well, I didn't want to admit that I'm as much of a nerd as you.

19. What kind of music do you like? Books? Other forms of entertainment?
For music? Almost anything except most country and rap.
Same. We mostly listen to a mix of classical, rock of pretty much all varieties, and pop. We also like to randomly burst out into show tunes.
Long story.
For books and movies and TV shows, I like mostly realistic stories, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, mysteries, and probably a lot more that I'm forgetting.
Same, but add biographies and other nonfiction. And the news.

20. Describe the way you dress. Do you like it, or do you wish you dressed differently?
Preppy-nerdy-hipster? Does that even make sense? For most of the year, I wear jeans or some sort of slacks and either a T shirt or a button-up with a sweater or a cardigan. I also wear dark framed glasses, but I used to wear contacts all the time.
Hipster. Not the weird, super "ironic" sort of hipster, but still hipster-ish. I like scarves and sweaters and skinny jeans.

21. What is your favorite color?

22. What is usually in your pockets/purse/wallet/sack/etc.?
My wallet is usually in my back pocket, and it has the usual things like money, credit cards, my driver's license, and some photos. I also usually carry a briefcase/satchel/I-don't-know-what-it's-technically-called with my laptop, notebooks, legal books, and other things like that.
Same thing with my wallet. If I'm bringing my violin anywhere, I also carry a messenger bag with my music and stand and things like that in it, and I sometimes use it for my laptop or if I'm bringing a book somewhere.

23. What is your favorite food?
It all depends on the day and my mood. Right now I really want tiramisu.
Yeah, I can't decide either. I just love food!

24. Do you have any allergies?
A bit of a dust and pollen allergy.
Hayfever and cats (which is awful, because I love cats).

25. Name the first five possessions of yours that come into your head.
Laptop, car, desk, bed, legal dictionary.
Violin, guitar, keyboard, laptop, bed.
Really says a lot about our priorities, doesn't it?

26. What is your most treasured possession? (It's fine if it's on the list above)
Probably my pin with the old Montgomery family crest.
My violin.

27. What is your educational background?
I was a private prep school boy, then I got my bachelor's in political science and now I'm getting my law degree.
Public school until I graduated from high school, bachelor's in music, working on my master's.

[Note: I'm not completely sure of the schools they went to, so I left out the names]

28. What do you do for a living? What other jobs have you had, if any?
I'm currently a full time student, and I have an internship with one of my professors. I've had a couple of other jobs like tutoring and things like that before, as well as working in my parents' law firm.
I'm also a full-time student, and I work in a café as well (both serving food and drinks and playing live music). I've done that for a while at various places, and I've also been a babysitter.

29. Do you have any enemies? Who? Why are they your enemies?
I think it's a little much to call them my enemies, since it's just people I dislike.
Same here. You'll probably have a lot of enemies when you get into politics, though, Spencer.
I've kind of resigned myself to that.

30. Describe your home. What do you like about it? What do you dislike?
Currently, I'm living in a decently-sized apartment outside of Chicago. It has a pretty good view and it's in good shape, but I don't like that I share it with Jonas.
My apartment is a little smaller and not quite as nice, but it's still pretty good. My only complaint is that it doesn't have air conditioning and the heat doesn't quite work all the time.

31. What do you consider your best character trait?
I'm quite smart.
I'm nice, I guess.

32. Your worst character trait?
I'm a bit too much of a cynic.
I have a really weird mix of the worst kinds of selflessness and selfishness.

33. How do you see yourself?
A very intelligent and sort of eccentric law student who desperately wants to make the world better even if the world doesn't want to improve.
A guy who loves to make music and is finally learning to be himself completely.

34. How do others see you?
A strange, haughty, gay law student who can be way too ambitious and pushy for his own good.
A (bisexual Polish?) violinist who looks like either a brooding artist or a hipster and acts like a nice, happy guy who might be too energetic.
Hey, I told you that.
Hey, I told you that.
The way people see you is actually way more flattering than that, you know.
Aww, thanks! And the way people see you is way more flattering than that, too.

35. What is your favorite childhood memory?
Pretty much anything from the summers I spent at my family's beach house. That's when I met Maya. The Fourth of July when I was twelve was pretty amazing. We watched the fireworks from inside the best sand fort we'd ever made.
When I first played a note really, really well on the violin. It had been a bit of a struggle and I was thinking of giving up on learning, but I decided to stick with it after that note.

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