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Subject: Re: Character Survey... with a twist!
Author: Etoile   (Authenticated as Etoile)
Date: April 3, 2012 at 4:02:44 PM
Reply to: Re: Character Survey... with a twist! by La Reina
(Well, if you want to do a second version like that, be my guest!)

I met Maya when she moved to the area a few months before Spencer did, and she introduced us.

I had just moved in, and she wanted me to meet her friends in the Chicago area and show me her favorite places to eat and things like that, so she took me to the café on a night that, as it happened, Roman was playing. I might have commented on how attractive he was to Maya, and then when he was done playing, he came over to talk to Maya and she introduced us. I was totally smitten with him by the end of the night, and since he was friends with Maya, we kept hanging out together and sort of flirting even though I was almost completely sure he was straight. Of course, that kept going on even when he had a girlfriend, and I was very confused by that and still falling even harder for him. I don't know exactly when I realized that I was actually falling in love with him, but I definitely knew by the beginning of our second year of grad school.

My family is very Catholic, so I was worried about how they'd react when I told them that I'm bisexual. I had one boyfriend before Spencer, and we broke up because I refused to come out to my family, so I was basically forcing myself to ignore any attraction I felt for men. That worked pretty well, but then I met Spencer, and he's funny and smart and attractive and I knew I would fall in love with him if I didn't stop it, so I started dating a woman who I liked, but I could never get over how I felt about Spencer. I kept denying it to myself, but I still had very strong feelings for him. My girlfriend actually realized I was in love with him before I did, and she was kind of offended that I was using her to hide that, but she understood to some degree, so we broke up on good terms and about a month later I decided to confess how I felt.

I got pretty mad at him, but I realized how hard it must have been, and we made up and now we're together.

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