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Subject: George Harrison: My First and Only Love (Fan Fiction)
Author: Jema   (Authenticated as Jema)
Date: April 4, 2012 at 9:58:32 AM
I would highly appreciate it if you could please read the first 4 chapters from my fan fiction and I would love to see what you have to say about it!

Summary: This story is told by a girl named Juliet York who met George Harrison when she was just 6 years old and their friendship turned into something more, it turned into a love that would last forever.

Chapter 1 - The First Time I Saw George Harrison

George and I have always been really great friends since the age of 6 when I first moved in next door. The reason for my family moving wasn’t a good one at all, there was a fire that broke out in our house and my father sadly burned along with it. George was my silver lining to that dark cloud and I never could thank him, or his family, for helping my mother, little sister and I cope with the sadness that we were burdened with. We were all great friends and my whole childhood is filled with memories with the Harrison’s.

When we moved into our new house I remember how there was a knock at the door and my mother told me to get it. I ran to the door and I cracked it open and I saw a little boy who seemed close to my age holding a loaf of bread. He just handed it to me and said “Sorry about your father” and he ran back to his house which I saw was right to the left of ours. A tear fell down my cheek as I thought about my father but I quickly wiped it away and walked into the kitchen where my mother and little baby sister was and I set the warm bread onto the counter. I remember my mother asking me who it was from and I just pointed towards where the boy’s house was. I found out that the little boy was named George. That’s the first time I ever saw George Harrison and shortly after we became great friends, and ever since earlier today, George confessed his love for me and now I’m pretty sure we’re more then friends.

Chapter 2 - The Perfect Moment

I was over at George's house when he told me. We were both sitting on his bed while he was strumming his guitar, I loved so much to hear him play and I personally thought he was excellent at it but I never told him, he probably would just think I was trying to make him feel better. I could feel him looking at me so I was afraid to look back so I just stared at his wall which had a bunch of pictures and drawings on it. I was looking at the drawing I made him as a thank you for the bread he brought over when I first moved in. The drawing didn't look like it, but it was supposed to be George holding the bread and on top I wrote "Thank You" even though the writing was terrible.

"Why do you still have the picture I drew for you that's from all those years ago George? I was such a terrible drawer back then". My voice was really soft when I asked him and he stopped playing his guitar and put it down. "Come on Juliet, it was very sweet of you and I always smile whenever I look up at it. It's not terrible, there's a very special meaning to it. Just like you have a special meaning to me". My face went hot and I could tell that my cheeks were wicked red so I just kept staring at the drawing, I definitely didn't expect what George was going to say next. "Juliet, I've been meaning to tell you something for a while..." he picked his guitar up and started strumming and it sounded beautiful. "You know how much you mean to be, you're my greatest friend and I've always loved you that way but I'm starting to realize something about you that I didn't see when we were little". At that moment I had to look at him, ounce I looked I wouldn't be able to be released from the warmth of his beautiful brown eyes. "You're also very important to me George" I said as I willingly focused my eyes to his, "but what have you started to realize?".

I watched as his face got so much softer and he grabbed hold of my hand, he started to caress it. "Juliet this is really hard for me to tell you but I realize now how..." he paused a moment and I said "George,it's alright. You can tell me anything,you know that". He just looked down at his hand holding mine and said "Juliet you're beautiful,whenever I'm with you I love seeing you smile and whenever the sun shines upon you your beauty is unexplainable,I never thought I'd end up loving you like this. Please understand". I didn't know what to say, my heart was pounding and my face was hotter then ever. I took hold of his free hand and I looked deeply into his eyes. "George,I love you too". He leaned closer into me and I wanted to kiss him so bad but I had to stop myself and said "let's not rush into this" and I let out a nervous laugh. He smiled and agreed and he picked up his guitar ounce more and said "I wrote this song for you" and as he started playing I kept my eyes on his and a tear rolled down my cheek, I felt as if I was looking into a mirror because a tear rolled down his beautiful cheek and I gently rubbed it off, he sang the words gently in his beautiful voice and I felt as if that was the most perfect moment in all of my life. I was wrong because that was just the beginning of all the perfect moments George would bring me. We were closer then we ever had before and we just kept on getting closer.

Chapter 3 - Our First Kiss

Our first date was just the two of us riding around on our bikes, we've done that many, and I mean many, times before but it was more special riding them as a couple. It was the afternoon of our first day being together and I felt like I was only dreaming and in the back of my mind I kept telling myself "this can't be real, it was just yesterday when were we the innocent little kids and now we're actually together, something I've been wanting for so long. Wake up, Juliet!". I felt as though everything was a blur and I was wondering how George was feeling, I needed to know but I was afraid to ask him thinking that he'd say I was just being silly thinking we were in dream world.

We were riding in silence for a while until George said "I'll race you up the hill" and before I knew it he darted off, I heard him laughing and I said "that's no fair" and he looked back at me with his tongue out and eyes shut. I started peddling as fast as I could but my legs got tired really fast, the hill was really steep and I didn't have high hopes of beating him, he was already half way up the hill. Since I couldn't peddle any longer, I got off my bike and walked up the remainder of the hill. George looked down at me and said "what will my prize be?". I wanted to kiss him so bad but I always have been told not to take relationships fast but how could I resist Georgie? I silently said to myself "kiss him Juliet, that's what his prize will be". I was only about 10 steps from being up the hill and when I finally made it up to about an arms length from George and I said "Your prize will be our first kiss". He just looked at me for a moment and then smiled his best smile and said "Juliet, are you sure?". I was more sure then I've ever been about anything, I was only letting him kiss me on the first day because I know how real our love was and how long it's been real, at the age of 12 is when I started loving him. "I'm sure" and then he came up to me and quickly, but softly, put his lips onto mine and pulled away, I looked at his face and it was a deep red. He then said "Sorry dear, I was nervous" then he looked down, I felt better that I wasn't the only one nervous. "It's okay George" and I went over to him and hugged him, he hugged back willingly and kissed my cheek. George was such a charm and he was such a ladies man.

It was starting to get dark and he said "let's make our way back home" and he also added "I asked my parents if you could have dinner with us and they said yes, so would you like that?". I happily said yes but I would have to ask my mom first but I'm sure she would say yes, she was so happy when she found out George and I were going out. On our way home we passed a patch of flowers and he said "stop for a moment" then he got off his bike and I intently watched as he picked a pretty flower from the bunch and then he walked over to me and put it in my hair. I smiled and said "how do I look" and George said "like a goddess". I silently replied to myself "and you look like a god" and I giggled and he said "what's so funny?", I said "oh, nothing". George waited for me to ask my mom if I could eat at his house and she said "Of course you can dear!Have fun you too" and George said "thank you Mrs.York, we will!".

Chapter 4 - Dinner With George

George and I held hands until we made it to his front door and then he said "ladies first" and he opened the door for me and I said "you're such a gentleman", he gave out a little chuckle and I joined in. I know I shouldn't have been so nervous because my family and I have had dinner with the Harrison's many times before, I never have as George's girlfriend though. "I'm home mum, I even brought a guest" George yelled to his mum and winked at me. Mrs.Harrison came into the room smiling and said "Hello dear, how did your mum like the cake?" I smiled back at her and said "Hello Mrs.Harrison, my mum loved it!She wanted to tell you earlier but she couldn't come because she was super busy". She then told George and I that dinner wouldn't be done for a while so we went into his room.

When we got into George's room he shut the door and jumped onto his bed, I took a seat on the floor and he said "get up here, the floor's no place for my girl". He put his hand down to me to help me get up and I took it and pulled myself up onto his bed. I asked him if he could play his guitar and then he got really excited, I wondered how that could excite him so I asked "what's so exciting about that?". He just looked at me and smiled and said "well,you know my friend Paul?" and I thought back to the times when George would talk about him and I said "yes,but only because of what you tell me about him" then George went over and grabbed his guitar and sat back on the bed. "Well he's in a band with a boy named...I think his name's John, but anyways he told him about how I'm a good guitar player so tomorrow I'm going over to Paul's and John will be their to listen to me play!". I was so happy for George, I'm sure that John boy would love his playing, if he didn't I would set him straight! "George, I'm so excited for you! I know that John, or whatever his name is will love your playing!" before a second passed it seemed that George immediately replied "Paul said he most likely would, I'm taking his word for it". We were both silent as George started randomly playing guitar until Mr.Harrison knocked on the door and said "It's me" and when he opened the door I smiled and said "hello sir", he smiled back and said "Hi there Juliet! It's nice to have you for dinner" and he smiled and said "dinner's ready, you can eat up here if you'd like but if you make a mess please clean it up!". "We won't dad" George said as he set his guitar down and looked down at me, "Would you like to eat up here?" I looked at Mr.Harrison and asked "that seems rude of me, are you sure sir?" he nodded and said "it's completely fine!".

When we got back to George's room with our food I said "your mum's cooking is always so delicious!" and he just nodded and took a bite. "Sorry it's not a candle-lit dinner, dear" I could actually hear a bit of sadness in his voice "oh, George you don't have to do all that for me! I'm happy just to be here with you" I replied in a soothing voice. When we were both finished with Mrs.Harrison's amazing dinner I offered to take George's plate down and he let me, as I walked to the sink there were so many thoughts racing through my mind, one of them being: "a candle-lit dinner, George really is a gentleman isn't he?". I thanked Mrs.Harrison for the lovely dinner and rushed back to George's room. He was holding something behind his back when I walked through his door and very curiously I asked "what are you hiding back there?" he just smiled at me and walked towards me and gently kissed my cheek and put it in my hand, it was a really cute teddy bear. "I've had this ever since I was little, I want you to have it. It's a gift for our first day being together, I hope you like it". I hugged it and breathed in the scent of the teddy bear which smelt just like George and I said "I love it so much, thank you!".

"I should be getting home now" I said as I thought about how late it must be now. "I'll walk you home" and I replied "you really don't have to George, I only live a few steps away" but the next thing I knew we were both standing outside of my door. "I really want you to come with me tomorrow to Paul's house" George said excitingly, I was nervous to meet Paul and John but I replied "pick me up tomorrow, I can't wait to meet Paul, he sounds really nice!" and he did, George always talked really good about Paul. "See you tomorrow love" George left and I went inside, this day was the best day of my life so far and I couldn't wait for tomorrow!

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