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Subject: Re: I give you... Auden Emery
Author: Viola Eponine   (Authenticated as Saffine Grace)
Date: April 5, 2012 at 3:45:08 AM
Reply to: Re: I give you... Auden Emery by La Reina
I don't ever want to get married. From all the books I've read, it seems as though life just gets boring after you get married. Everything starts being about tidying the house and looking after kids and things. And what if I got married and then decided later that I didn't really want to be with the guy, whoever he was? That'd just be a hassle.

I do hope to move back to London, though. I've always said that. I miss it. I miss how busy it is, and how there's always something to do there. I know I'd have to get a good job, though, because it's ridiculously expensive to live in London. That's why we moved; so Mum and Dad wouldn't have to scrimp and scrape as much. Hopefully, I'll end up being a reporter or a journalist or something, and then London would be the perfect place to be. I'm not bothered about being stinking rich, but I'll have to have a decent amount of money, because I want an interesting life. I don't want every day to be the same, like it is now.


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