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Subject: Re: A question and a prompt...finished
Author: plingy   (Authenticated as plingy)
Date: April 5, 2012 at 4:43:18 AM
Reply to: A question and a prompt... by Viola Eponine
Okay, this is embarassing, but my daughter heard this joke at school some time ago and told it at home and I laughed for about a week.

What's blackandwhiteandblackandwhiteandblackandwhite?
- A penguin rolling down a hill.
And what's black and white and laughing?
- The penguin that pushed it.


[This is set in 2004, so the three guys are all about 35.]
"Hello," Dylan said, very cheerfully, taking a seat at the table in the café where Colin and Adam were already sitting having coffee, "I'm sorry I'm late, and I'm sorry that I have to be at rehearsal in an hour."
"What the hell, man, it's Saturday," Colin rolled his eyes, and Adam grinned, trying to pinch Dylan's cheek, "Our little superstar." Dylan laughed, shoving Adam's hand away and ordered tea from the slightly bewildered-looking waitress.
"So," he said then, "not that I mind meeting my two darlings on a Saturday morning, but it is slightly unusual. What did you want to see us about, Adam?"
Adam took a sip from his cup of coffee, a meaningful look on his face that made Colin and Dylan exchange a glance and try not to burst out laughing. Adam noticed it and his weighty expression dissolved into a big smile. "Shut up, I haven't even told you yet."
"Come on, tell us, then," Colin said, "I'm dying of curiosity. Literally," he added with a mocking side glance at Dylan.
Dylan frowned. "No, you're not literally dying of curiosity."
Colin grinned. "Come on, it's a stylistic device."
"What? Do you even...oh, I'm not doing this today, what's your news, Adam?"
"Okay. Listen."
"We're listening," Colin said, and Dylan agreed, "we are."
"So...Deborah and I are getting married."
A short, astonished silence. "What? Wow, man, that's great!" "Did you propose to her?", Dylan said, "I need to know everything."
"You sound like a bunch of hen party ladies," Adam said, slightly blushing but laughing, "I thought your rehearsal's in an hour?"
Dylan laughed. "I don't want to doubt your romantic abilities, but I don't think your proposing story is going to take an hour to tell."

edited: I can't believe I misspelled "penguin". Twice.

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