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Subject: Re: Bringing an old mate of mine...
Author: Viola Eponine   (Authenticated as Saffine Grace)
Date: April 5, 2012 at 9:39:03 AM
Reply to: Re: Bringing an old mate of mine... by La Reina
Fox pondered this. "Mycroft sounds boring," she said finally; decisively, with a little nod of her head that made her bobbed light-brown hair swing over her face and then back again.

"No he's not," Auden defended him, "He might be like a computer, but maybe that's because he doesn't think most of the people are worth saving. Or maybe he knows Sherlock can do that, so he just leaves him to it."

Ira jumped in, eager, for his part, to defend his hero, "That's no excuse! Anyway, even if Mycroft did become a detective, I don't think he'd be as good as Sherlock Holmes."


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