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Subject: Re: Character Survey... with a twist!
Author: Fiammetta   (guest,
Date: April 5, 2012 at 10:02:10 AM
Reply to: Re: Character Survey... with a twist! by La Reina
It was a hot night, with only warm, deset-like air drifting in through the window. To make matters worse, the man in the room next to his own had gotten drunk again-Sam could hear him humming slurredly about the bells of hell that go sing-a-ling-ling for you but not for me. That was something from the Great War. Sam was just a little too young for that, which meant missing even the opportunity of shared memories with his fellow officers.

Sam shifted on the matress, himself wanting an iced whisky all of a sudden. Instead, he reached blindly for the glass of water on his night stand. In the half-darkness, he could see the mess he had left his room in, the piles of books he could hardly manage to stack anywhere these days. Should he turn on the light and read? No, that would only make him more alert. Instead, he rolled onto his back, made an effort to keep stil, and let his mind drift to something pleasant. Such as the seaside walks he took with Nathan and Nora, with the clear light, the scent of the sea and the laugher and conversation. Was there something going on between the two of them? There would be soon if there wasn't yet. It only made sense. They belonged together in al ways. They even looked good together, both so lanky and dark-

Sam began to drowse off.

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