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Subject: Re: Giving a question and a prompt...finished!
Author: Rachael   (Authenticated as stingraybunnyturtle7)
Date: April 5, 2012 at 12:13:30 PM
Reply to: Giving a question and a prompt... by Viola Eponine
Everyone speaks French except for Rufin, so I have to learn a whole new language.

And the prompt...
Courtney's summer vacation.

"Did you hear me?" Rufin turned towards Kelly, pushing his glasses up on his nose.

"Hm? Um... no," Kelly continued to stare at the family of tourists walking through puddles.

"Well," Rufin sighed, "I said tu préfères les baskets noires ou les baskets vertes?"

"I know her," Kelly whispered, turning back to Rufin, "that's Courtney!"

"I guess we won't work on French then, eh?" Rufin smiled and raised an eyebrow, "do you want to say hi?"

"No, she--"

"Kelly?!" Courtney's voice dripped with fake pleasure, "what are you doing here?"

"I live here. What are you doing?" Kelly didn't bother pretending to like Courtney. What were her parents going to do? Scold her?

"We're here to see a fashion show," she said 'fashion show' as if she were french, "you wouldn't know," Courtney's parents waved and motioned for the park, Courtney nodded, then turned back to them, "who's your nerdy boyfriend?"

"He's not my boyfriend, we're just friends, go away."

"Doesn't sound like it," Courtney teased with a sing-song voice, "he's not even cute."

"Tu n'es pas mignonne, you're not cute, either," Rufin said.

"Oh," Courtney fake sighed, "boyfriend sticking up for girlfriend, how cute!"

"I will punch you," Kelly said, "now go away."

Courtney pouted, "oh, you're really gonna punch me?"

Rufin looked nervously at the two girls as Kelly pushed Courtney into a puddle. Her skirt stuck to her legs and her shirt was a mess.

"You... you... stone-throwing, tree-hugging sheep-sheerer!" Courtney got up, fuming, "you're a stupid little idiot and nobody liked you!"

Rufin grabbed Kelly before she even started to lunge. "You're just a spoiled little brat and people only like you for your stuff!"

"France is a stupid country anyway!"

"I know!" Kelly broke free of Rufin, but she didn't lunge.

"You're a jerk!"

"Please stop it!" Rufin panicked, "you're both going to get into trouble if you don't shut up!"

"Whoa," Kelly said, turning towards him, "you get mad?"

"But you're Canadian," Courtney said, appparently forgetting her anger, "that's so weird."

Kelly nodded, "Yeah."

Courtney's parents waved her over. "Bye, weirdo," she said meanly as she left.

"Good ridance," Kelly cried, "Tu es une pamplemousse!"

"That mean's 'you're a grapefruit'," Rufin corrected.

"Oh," Kelly said, "well, she doesn't know that." They started walking again, "I miss that."

"You do?"

"Yeah," Kelly shrugged, "I don't have any enemies here."

"I'm... sorry?" Rufin thought for a minute, "do you want one?"

"Sure," Kelly shrugged again, "who?"

"I don't know, we can go annoy Zacharie," Rufin started to run off, "what's 'we're annoying' in French?"

"Nous sommes impermeable!" Kelly yelled, dashing past him.

"That's 'we're raincoats'!"

I asked a bunch of people for an unconventional insult, and that's what one kid gave me.
I apologize for my pitiful attempt at humor there.
We're annoying is nous sommes penible, she's really bad at French.

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