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Subject: Re: Character Survey... with a twist!
Author: Parfaitcheri   (Authenticated as sarinvae)
Date: April 5, 2012 at 4:45:50 PM
Reply to: Re: Character Survey... with a twist! by lakin5
Ha, the way we became a couple is somewhat complicated.

I was on a recruiting mission you see, to bring more mages to the Tower.

And I was in the city he was recruiting in, with his partners, working as a prostitute. Having run away from a noble life there weren't many other options besides becoming a mercenary and I was too weak to effectively kill anyone.

We found her, by accident really, and saw her raw power at which point we convinced her to come back to the Tower with us.

I did and eventually made friends with my recruiters, four young men including Saul.

But at first, she hated me. You see I had a nasty habit of sleeping with anything that was attractive. And I happen to think my dear wife is very attractive, so I naturally tried to sleep with her.

Which disgusted me.

Which disgusted her greatly. And so after many attempts, I gave up and we simply became friends. We were close friends, good friends. But Aurelia had to ruin that.

Yes... I may not have enjoyed his advances outwardly but I realized that I liked being pursued, I liked that he found me attractive. And when that stopped... I realized I missed it.

So she tried to seduce me. Which was not hard because I still wanted her, I just wasn't walking around asking her to sleep with me anymore.

But I had too much pride and I was scared of my own feelings. When I attempted seducing him I realized I actually, genuinely liked him as a person.

That was much to her chagrin if I do recall.

Indeed, I kissed him and then ran off like a coward and avoided him for a few weeks.

Which made me very upset because she was my friend. I did not want things to change between us if it meant I would lose my friend.

And then he approached me because I was ignoring him and we got in a fight.

A very loud fight.

That ended in a complete cliche of us kissing passionately.

Turns out both of us had feelings that were more than sexual for each other.

So we started sleeping together.

But we did not admit our feelings, it was a touchy subject.

On my part, feelings are not my strong suit.

Until one day we just realized there was more there. And even though we never specifically defined it...

We were a couple.

We had subconsciously committed to each other.

And eventually he asked me to marry him and here we are.

So the why part of your question is that we became a couple because it felt right. But it was never a real decision on either of our parts. It just sort of happened.

One day we just woke up and that was the reality of it, we were together.

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