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Subject: Re: Character Survey... with a twist!
Author: Parfaitcheri   (Authenticated as sarinvae)
Date: April 5, 2012 at 5:02:11 PM
Reply to: Re: Character Survey... with a twist! by Viola Eponine
Our son is a frightening combination of both of us.

Yes, he is as surly and sullen as I was as a child...

But as vocal and opinionated as I was.

Making him a very talkative, but somewhat morbid child. It is both amusing and tedious.

Then our daughter is like neither of us. But still takes after me a bit.

She is happy and laughs all of the time.

She's a bit of a demon in disguise really. A face so adorable and sweet that you'd never know she's a sneaky little trickster.


It was a sunny morning like any other. There were few clouds in the sky, a light breeze was blowing in from the sea and it was not overly hot.

"It is a fine day, no?" Saul pointed smiling. His daughter, Nelea was held in his arms as she preferred and smiled back at him in agreement.

"It would be a lot nicer if there were no bugs out!" Eli huffed, nearly yelling.

Aurelia's nostrils flared, she was not a particularly patient woman and Eli had been indignant and petulant the entire walk. "The day is fine enough even with bugs," She countered, her patience waning.

"Now Aurelia," Saul called soothingly, "if Eli wants to point out that the day would be nicer without bugs he is not wrong. Certainly any day is better with less insects buzzing around your head and sticking to your skin?"

She sighed lightly, "Yes, you're right."

"I already know! You don't need to tell me you stupid idiot!" Eli puffed, actually yelling this time.

Eyes narrowed, lips pursed and brow furrowed Aurelia muttered under her breath, "I wasn't talking to you. I swear on the Maker Saul if he makes one more comment I'm going to-"

"Mommy says she's going to hit you!" Nelea shrieked with a smile and a laugh.

"I did not!" Aurelia defended.

Saul could only shake his head. Aurelia's patience had been tried from the very moment she woke up. On a normal day Eli was not quite this miserable, but today he was in rare form. "Let us go sit under that tree and eat. It is what we came here to do, is it not?" he suggested.

"Yea! Tree!" Nelea hollered leaping from Saul's arms to run over to the shady tree. Not one to be beat Eli ran behind her until they both stopped short of breath and wait for their parents who were still walking. Aurelia took Saul's hand as they strode over to the tree where the family ate lunch and had a much more pleasant time.

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