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Subject: Re: Another prompt...
Author: plingy   (Authenticated as plingy)
Date: April 6, 2012 at 6:31:05 AM
Reply to: Re: Another prompt... by Viola Eponine
[Aw, thank you, it was good fun writing it!]

I don't have any major regrets. Of course it's hard not to regret when you wake up in the morning and your head is about triple its natural size, but for me usually everything has turned alright in the end, so I don't really regret any big life-changing decisions I've made.
I would love to go on a holiday to the places where Jules lived growing up. Her family moved around a whole lot when she was a child and they lived in some exotic places. I think taking the kids and going to where Jules spent parts of her childhood would be so much fun. But it would be very expensive, not to mention time-consuming, and with a two-year-old I'd rather not travel to Saudi-Arabia or that's going to stay a dream for some more time.

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