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Subject: Re: Character Survey... with a twist!
Author: Anne   (guest,
Date: April 6, 2012 at 4:47:33 PM
Reply to: Re: Character Survey... with a twist! by Etoile
Atlas is a very big planet keep in mind. The climate all depends on the equator. We have temperate areas, tropical areas, and polar area's.
Atlas is very strange with it's looks. See, only the Western part of the world that is temperate is all forest like. It gets foggy in that area.Plus, that is a very mountainous area. On the Eastern side, everything is flat, except for the coast lines. Tornadoes form a lot in that area too. IN the polar area's, very thing is flat.The tropical area's are either beautiful, or dangerous. The Beautiful tropical areas are the islands that lye in between the two contedents. The water here is crystal blue, and the underwater sea creatures are very colorful. The dangerous tropical area's are on the contedents. On the Western side, it's a rain forest with deadly animals. On the Eastern side, it's a very very dry desert with temperatures that can exceed to 299 degrees Fahrenheit, and drop down to -33 degrees Fahrenheit. Barely anybody lives in these parts of the world. Then the further south you go, the colder it gets. On both the Eastern and Western part of the world, on both contedents, the southern parts are basically like your Canada.

It's hard to say how many people realize that Atlas is a utopia, because it vary's. But I'd say that the majority of the people who do realize the truth, are the grandparents of our generation. Our grandparents see that the way Atlas is run is bringing the "utopia" down.

Life on Atlas. Haha. I used to think that life was fantastic don Atlas. Now after being down here on Earth, and finding so many artifacts, I realize that it's not. We are missing a whole bunch of heart and soul and culture, like music and art. We forgot about all the lessons we have learned on Earth, and are recreating the mistakes on Atlas. If this continues on Atlas, Atlas will soon be no more.
The natives of Atlas and the Earthling ascendents mingle with each other. Some get married and have kids together. I was one of thoes people who was romantically involved with an Atlasian. Mitchel and I were madly in love. nothing could have pulled us apart. Until the secret police kidnapped him and arrested me. Come later I found out that the leader did this to us because he was not allowed to be with me at all. This wasn't a decision made up by his or my family. It was mainly because our leader doesn't like the Earthlings and the Atlasians mixing together. His though of the two mixing was like how Earthlings back in the 1950's though of a black person and a white person being together.

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