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Subject: Re: Character Survey... with a twist!
Author: Etoile   (Authenticated as Etoile)
Date: April 6, 2012 at 9:34:50 PM
Reply to: Re: Character Survey... with a twist! by Viola Eponine
(Obviously, I'm actually writing a scene in which Spencer writes said manifesto with help from Roman.)

"How's it going, congressional hopeful Montgomery?" Roman asked as he stepped into Spencer's office, a mug of coffee in each hand.

"Don't even..." Spencer muttered, his eyes never leaving the screen of his computer.

"Well, if it's going to take you any longer, I thought you might like this." He raised one of the mugs slightly as Spencer turned to face him. Spencer reached for it, pushing his glasses back up his nose as he took the mug from his husband (they had been married for two months, and it was still strange for them to think of one another that way). Roman went to sit in the armchair in the corner, peering over his own coffee as Spencer took a long drink. This hair was sticking up at odd angles from running his hands through it, and that combined with the old law school sweatshirt he was wearing to remind Roman of the many study breaks they had spent together during the early days of their friendship.

"So, what brings you here?" Spencer asked before taking another sip of his coffee. "Other than the caffeine delivery, that is."

"You've been locked in here for almost three hours. I thought you might want a little help."

"With writing up a list of campaign goals? Good luck."

"I think I've been listening to you rant about them for long enough to help."

"It's not so much the ideas that I'm having trouble with as the phrasing." He turned back to his computer and scrolled through the document on the screen. "I'm clearly stuck when I start writing like a combination of Thomas Jefferson and a twelve year old. 'I consider it vital that all Americans be provided with quality education. Therefore, educational reform is one of my highest priorities. I promise that I will fight to make public education really awesome.' I actually wrote that! Do you see how much trouble I'm having?"

Roman smiled, trying to avoid thinking about how adorable it was when Spencer was flustered like this. "Do you know what I think? I think you should take a break."

"If you're trying to seduce me, I'm really not in the mood." Spencer was still focusing on the document, scrolling through it and striking out large sections at a time. "I want to finish this tonight."

"Okay. The three Es: Equality, Education, and the Environment. Tell the American people--or at least the people of this congressional district--exactly why you care about them and why they should, too. Five hundred words. Go!"

"You're no help at all, do you know that?"

"Hey, if you want to write like a twelve year old, you've got to go all out."

Spencer sighed. "I'm just going to work on this until I either finish or fall asleep right here. You don't have to stay up."

Roman shrugged. "It's fine. There's more coffee where this came from."

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