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Subject: Re: Pillars of Life
Author: Pyrrhus Emery Coal   (Authenticated as Pyrrhus Emery Coal)
Date: April 17, 2012 at 2:40:39 PM
Reply to: Re: Pillars of Life by dino432
sorry dino432, you misunderstood the meaning of pillar. you're looking at the literal meaning of the pillar (a column or beam), but I'm talking about the pillar being a title for a person (instead of calling them a God, they will be called the Pillar)

I only have Four Pillars; Earth, Fire, Water, and Knowledge. I don't know if I want three more or not, because as I said in my original post they know EVERYTHING about their "element"

if you've ever watched Avatar: the Last Airbender, there was a character named Katara who was a Waterbender who later learned to change water into snow/ice and then further expanded on her abilities by being able to Bloodbend (where she control someone and have them do whatever she wanted)

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