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Subject: Re: The Couples' Game Show Game - Audition Video
Author: Kaesy   (Authenticated as Kaesy)
Date: April 24, 2012 at 5:50:01 PM
Reply to: The Couples' Game Show Game - Audition Video by Rachael
"Remind me again why i let you talk me into this," muttered Gryphon, pulling his wings in closer.

"Because you're supposed to be building better relations with The Public, remember?" Mask answered cheerfully. "Gotta face your fears!"

"What part of 'Fearless Leader' do you guys not understand? I'm not afraid of social interaction. I just don't like it."

Stardust laughed from behind the camera. "You have to face you dislikes, too."

"Hey, why aren't you doing this instead? You two are supposed to be a couple, after all."

Mask stiffened. "We are not a couple."

"Well, you better get on that before the Big Day comes..."

"I do not want to talk about this, Gryph-"

"Guys," Stardust broke in uncomfortably. "We have a video to film, if you can stop fighting long enough."

"We're superheros. Do you really think they won't be dying to have us on their show? They won't even watch the video before deciding they'll put us on."

"Oh, come on, man. You gotta have fun with it!"

"The whole thing does not sound fun."

"Well, suck it up! Start filming, Stardust!"


"Filming now!"

Mask waved to the camera. "Hey, Mask and Gryphon here, internationally renowned heroes - trying out for your show! Isn't that great? Yes, we will take some time off from saving the world in order to entertain the masses! And now for a few word from Our Fearless Leader!"

"We did get approval for this, didn't we?"

"We'll keep your insights in mind always, Gryphon, since you have seriously huge wings and lead an impressive band of heroes to protect the world!"

"Okay, sure. Don't even bother answering my question."

"That's right, Gryphon! Such formidable heroes that work together so well will surely be the team to beat!"

"You know, you could have got a cardboard cutout of me for $25. Then you'd have all the convenience of my image being in the video and worry about what i say even less."

"And that's why we think you should chose Gryphon and Mask, internationally renowned heroes, to be on your show!"

"You already said most of that."

"Yeah! We will see you soon! And cut, Stardust."

Stardust stopped the camera and frowned thoughtfully. "Ok, i think we can do better than this..."

"I think it's perfect." Gryphon threw open the window and flew off.

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