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Subject: Re: The Couples' Game Show Game - Audition Video
Author: Parfaitcheri   (Authenticated as sarinvae)
Date: April 25, 2012 at 7:35:54 AM
Reply to: The Couples' Game Show Game - Audition Video by Rachael
“Sit in the chair, you know it will be fun,” Saul chuckled excitedly while guiding his companion to the chair.

“Nothing is fun after you’ve woken me up at four in the morning to do… what are we doing?” Logan asked while rubbing his eyes and holding back a large yawn.

“It is for a game for couples…” Saul’s eyes shifted downward, but he could not contain his mischievous smile.

“For… couples? Aww dammit Saul, why couldn’t you get Aurelia to do this?!”

“She is sleeping. I tried to wake her but she yelled at me. So I came to find you instead.”

Logan sighed, “I thought we were past waking each other up at four in the morning to do stupid things.”

Laughing, Saul chirped, “Apparently, we are not. Now smile nicely for this contraption over there that will take a record of what we say and do, and stopping yawning,” He looked over quickly at his friend, “and no frowning, it ruins your pretty face.”

Logan just looked it him disapprovingly, his arm crossed, his eyes set in an expression that seemed to ask ‘are you serious right now?’ He huffed a little before Saul started speaking at the shiny thing in front of them. “Oros Kaatlam! I am Saul and this surly looking man sitting next to me is my best friend, Logan.”

“Hi. I’m, Logan.” He made a point to sound and look as unhappy as possible. Logan did not appreciate being woken up in the middle of the night and he would make sure everyone knew that.

“Er…” Saul paused, looking at Logan who had slumped in his chair and was looking more and more like he was about to throw a temper tantrum any minute, “yes well, we are here because I heard of your show and thought it would be amusing. My wife would not wake up so I got Logan as a replacement.”

Logan just slumped further into his chair, armed folded and face scrunched into as displeased a look as he could manage, which was very displeased looking.

Deciding it was time for Logan to start participating Saul put on his best ‘seductive’ face and looked straight at the camera, “Since this is for couples,” he lowered his voice an octave, “do not be afraid to ask us the dirty questions, no?”

“WHAT!” Logan yelled in horror. That certainly woke him up, “no, no, no, no, noooooo do not ask us dirty questions! There are no answers for those questions!”

“No answers that would be mildly appropriate,” Saul winked, teasing his friend.

“No answers at all!” Logan waved his hands at the camera, looking at it in panic.

“Fine,” Saul conceded with a shrug, “no dirty answers at all haha.”

Seeing immediately that he had been coaxed into overreacting Logan began in a warning tone, “Saul… I could strangle you for-” and the tape cut off with the Saul laughing and Logan turning to him, looking exasperated.

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