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Subject: Re: The Couples' Game Show Game - Audition Video
Author: Kaysnl   (Authenticated as Kaysnl)
Date: April 25, 2012 at 1:12:38 PM
Reply to: The Couples' Game Show Game - Audition Video by Rachael
(Note: As part of the story I’m writing, Ricky/Red has two names. Damian always calls him Ricky, since that is his birth name, but in this I will be calling him Red.)

“Damian, do we have to do this?” Red complained, sitting on the couch and messing with the cap in his hands.

“We don’t have to but it will be fun! Come on Ricky, how bad can this possibly be?” Damian responded, fiddling with the camera.

“It’s not that it’s bad… I just don’t do well in front of a lot of people.”

“You’ll get over it, you always do. Okay I think I got this camera thing figured out!”
Damian pushed the recording button on the camera then checked to see if it was working. Satisfied, he walked over and sat beside Red on the couch, putting his arm around his shoulders with a goofy grin.

“Hello to everyone watching this video! My name is Damian Hawkins, and this is my twin brother, Ricky Hawkins!” Damian motioned towards Red, who waved nervously.

“U-um. Yeah, my name is Ricky but you can just call me Red?” He nodded towards the camera, a bit unsure.

“I’ll never understand why you prefer that name,” Damian shrugged and smiled again, “Anyways! We want to be on this show because we just thought it would be like a fun idea!”

“I never said that…” Red mumbled.

“I’m not finished! We also want to be on here to get closer as brothers,” Damian continued, again wrapping his arm around Red and pulling him close. Red squirmed uncomfortably.

“You see, my brother here lost his memory and he hardly remembers anything about me.” Damian sniffed and rubbed his eyes, “So I was hoping this would jog his memory and he could remember our time as young kids.”

Red looked at Damian with a blank expression, “Why are you trying to get pity points for us?” He asked.

Damian sniffed, “I’m not, I’m just telling them how it is.”

“Oh really? That’s why your pinching yourself so you’ll cry?”

“I…er…” Damian cleared his throat, “Please let us be on the show! Thanks!”

Quickly, Damian reached over and stopped the video from recording anymore.

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