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Subject: Perro Valley
Author: Kinola   (Authenticated as Kinola)
Date: April 26, 2012 at 11:15:52 AM
I'm going to be brief here, but I want to talk about a future story idea of mine and see what you guys think.

Here's what it's about: the story is set in Northern California, 1979. A young girl named Veronica Quigley has been living with her step-aunts Belle and Bonnie ever since her parents, Richard and Priscilla, died in a car accident on their way home from visiting friends in San Francisco nearly two years ago. Belle and Bonnie are models, and they don't have time in their busy schedule to look after their dead stepsister's daughter.

Veronica has the ability to talk to animals, though she usually prefers to talk to dogs. On her way home from school one day, Veronica comes across a small pack of stray dogs who are looking for a place to stay for the night. Since her aunts are heading off to a fashion show in San Francisco for the weekend and are leaving her home alone (again), Veronica decides to let them spend the night in her house, on the condition that they take her with them with they set off for Perro Valley, a place where dogs of all shapes and sizes can roam free and start new lives.


Characters (So Far):

Veronica: The protagonist, a nine-year-old orphan girl living with her step-aunts. She can talk to animals. She resembles her father Richard, but has her mother Priscilla's bright green eyes.

Belle and Bonnie: Models. They are the stepsisters of Veronica's mother Priscilla, as well as Veronica's current guardians.

Digger and Brianna: The dogs who lead the stray pack Veronica shelters for the night. They have three pups: Angelique, Anton, and Prince. The parents want their puppies to grow up in a place where there are no dogcatchers. Digger is a Golden Retriever/Borzoi mix, while Brianna is a Labbe (Labrador/Beagle mix). They are from Los Angeles.

Nanna: An elderly dog who travels with Brianna and Digger. A long time ago, she had a litter of pups, but they did not survive. Since then, she has served as a surrogate mother for all kinds of pups. She has been to Perro Valley several times, and was leading Brianna and Digger to the place so they can raise their pups without fear of dogcatchers.

Anton, Angelique, and Prince: Digger and Brianna's puppies, born somewhere near Sacramento. Angelique (named for Brianna's mother) is the oldest and very curious, Anton is intelligent who always thinks before he acts, and Prince is usually a quiet pup who follows his sister's example.

Todd: The leader of Perro Valley, a wolfdog. Todd was born on a husky farm in the Yukon. His mother was an old Malamute who died when he was ten-weeks-old. Todd was sold to a cruel man who treated him terribly, and one evening, Todd attacked his master and ran away. He ventured south and came across Perro Valley, then led by a family of Great Pyrenees dogs. He is stoic yet caring, but all those years of abuse led him to hate humans, and Veronica is no exception.

Princess: A Great Pyrenees dog, the youngest daughter of Alastair and Carlotta, then the leaders of Perro Valley. She was expected to become mates with another G.P. dog named Cal, but she fell in love with Todd. She is now the mother of six puppies.

Richard and Priscilla Quigley: Veronica's parents. Richard was a doctor while Priscilla was a substitute teacher. During the summer, they traveled to San Francisco to visit friends, leaving Veronica at home with a babysitter, but on their way back, they were hit and killed by a drunk driver.


So, what did you guys think?

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