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Subject: Re: The Couples' Game Show Game - Question 1
Author: Kaesy   (Authenticated as Kaesy)
Date: April 26, 2012 at 6:37:34 PM
Reply to: The Couples' Game Show Game - Question 1 by Rachael
"Allllrighty, folks, I'm Marty McMackelmuffin, here with our first question for the intrepid superhero team, Gryphon and Mask!" He paused to allow time for the enthusiastic applause of the audience. "So, Gryphon, tell me, would your partner prefer to read a dystopian sci-fi..." he paused dramatically "or a mystery thriller?"

"How cheesy is the sci fi one? Mask only likes bad sci fi."

"Whoa there - do not even - He's losing points for this, right?"

"We're a team... we have the same points."

"I am sorry Gryphon, there can be no additional information given to supplement the question," Marty Mc Mackelmuffin broke in, although his impossibly wide grin looked far from apologetic.

Gryphon shrugged. "The sci fi one, i guess."

"Now let's find out what Mask's answer was." Dramatic, mysterious backgroud music came on. "Here comes the video. Soon Mask's answer will be revealed. Soon we will see whether Gryphon has gained a point for his team, a step toward glorious victory, or if he has failed and started on a pathway to ruin. In just a few moments, we will know!" The background music faded, and the clip started playing on the screen.

"The sci fi one, i guess."

Though it had previously seemed impossible, Marty McMAckelmuffin's grin widened even further. "Gryphon, your answer was corrrrrrect! Your right answer has earned your team their first point! Congraaaadulations!"

"Yeah! Word for word! Superheroes get it DONE! Told you it would be fun." shouted Mask. He held up his hand for a hi five, and Gryphon complied. Mask turned to address the camera. "This may look like a half-hearted hi-five, but any harder and these montrous mucsles would knock me to the ground!"


"AND now," Marty announced boomingly, "for the second question! Our hero team has started well... but can they continue? We will find out... after the break!"

"Hey," Mask whispered. "What question did they ask you?"

"Can't tell."

"C'mon..." Mask took his puppy dog eyes to the next level, shifting into an actual adorable puppy."

"We'll get kicked off the show, or something."

Mask returned to his natural form. "What? I thought you didn't even wanna - "

"I made a commitment," Gryphon answered firmly. "I am going to carry it out."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND we're back!" came Marty's deafening voice. "We're about to find out if Mask knows Gryphon as well as Gryphon knows him. Now, Mask..." he lowered his voice and leaned in closer. "Would Gryphon choose to go ziplining or indoor skydiving?"

Mask gave Marty his best are-you-kidding-me face. "Gryphon... has huge wings on his back."

"That he does! Now, what is your answer? Ziplining, or..."

"No, but seriously... his wings would get in the way for either activity."

"Or indoor skydiving."

"He can fly. What would be the point of doing either one of those?"

"Nevertheless, Mask, a choice must be made. Only you can make it. Only you can control whether your team continues on its way to glory and honor, or descends, perhaps beyond return, to the deepest darkest depths of defeat. It comes to this moment. What will you say, Mask? What answer will you give? How well do you know your partner? What will it be? Will it -"

"Skydiving! Okay?"

"Mask has made his answer!He believes Gryphon would rather go indoor skydiving than ziplining. Was he correct?" The ominous music began again. "What answer did Gryphon give? Did Mask make a wise choice? Only time will tell! And what a short time it will be! The seconds tick away, ever drawing us closer to that moment, that one awaited moment, when Gryphon's answer will be revealed. And that moment... is... now!" The clip again began to play on the screen.

"Uh... ziplining?"

"Ohhhhh, and Mask's answer was not correct! You did not earn any points for your team." Despite his conciliatory tone, Marty's beaming face did not change."Mask made the wrong decision! Will Team Hero be able to recover from this setback?"

"Wings would get tangled up in a parachute," Gryphon explained.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah..." Mask muttered. "Ziplining would be no picnic, either."

Marty McMackelmuffin's commentating comtinued around them. "Tune in next time to find out how are heroes will fare in future rounds!And a big thank you to our gracious sponsor, Daisyfield Unicorn Stables!"

"The unicorn is a mythical beast," Gryphon said, confused.

"Dude... you have huge wings on your back."

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