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Subject: Re: The Couples' Game Show Game - Question 1
Author: Alethea   (guest,
Date: April 30, 2012 at 10:49:20 PM
Reply to: The Couples' Game Show Game - Question 1 by Rachael
One Mr. Marty McMackelmuffin comes onto the set, with a cheesy background, a cheesy title song, and an even cheesier grin. When he sees the two girls, he thrusts out a hand to each of them, shaking it firmly. Then he turns to his audience, widening his cheesy grin. "Well, hello, there, people of today! I'm your host, Marty McMackelmuffin, and I'm here tonight with our contestants--Rosie Pine and Theresa Lowes! This dynamic duo--if I may take the liberty of calling them such--have been friends for only a year, yet their history goes further than that! Their parents have been friends for much longer, if I hear correctly. But enough of backgrounds! Let's get to the questions!"

As he takes his seat between Rosie and Theresa, Marty winks at both of the girls. Her hands in her lap, Rosie nervously wrings them, while Theresa bounces unnoticeably in her chair. Marty turns to Theresa. "This first one is for you, my friend," he says with great finesse. "So, Theresa, tell me, would your best friend, Rosie, most enjoy a dystopian sci-fi novel or a mystery thriller?" On the words "mystery thriller," McMackelmuffin cheesily raises his eyebrows.

"Dystopian sci-fi?" Theresa asks bewilderly. "You are totalitously joding me, right?" Marty stares at her. She rolls her eyes. "If you don't understand, you can ask for a translator. I mean to say that you cannot be serious! Dystopian is wayhayhay not Rosie's style. Misery? Nuh uh. Oppression? Nopity nope. Disease? Absototalutely not. It's totally gotta be one-hundred percent mystery thriller."

Marty wiggles his eyebrows and comments, "We shall see." He presses a button and on the screen shows up a short "minio" of Rosie.

"Dystopian? That's, like, misery, right? The total opposite of utopia?" Her question goes unanswered. "Well... misery is totally not my thing. I can't stand it. It's bad enough reading about real life misery. Why would I need to read about fictional misery?" Here she pauses to let her rhetorical question sink in. The effect is quite dramatic. "I'm going for the mystery thriller all the way."

A twinkle in his eye, Marty congratulates Theresa. "Ah, a job well-done, Theresa! A job well-done." He turns to Rosie. "Now let's see if your companion knows you as well as you know her." He then asks the next question: "So, Rosie, would Theresa rather go ziplining or indoor skydiving?"

Rosie laughs, the tension gone now that she realizes how easy her question is. "That's simple, Mr. McMackelmuffin. Theresa is one adventurous--or adventurageous, as Reesies herself would put it--girl. Ziplining is a common, almost every day thing for her. It's obviously gonna be indoor skydiving."

"Let us see!" McMackelmuffin presses the button.

"Wowie!" Theresa's recorded voice exclaims. "Easy peasy. Indoor skydiving. I go on a zipline all the time, MisterMackelmoose. I've never gone indoor skydiving. Maybe I'll have to try it."

Marty grins and winks at Rosie. "And there you have it! So far, this young pair of friends knows each other pretty darn well. We shall see how they fare later on, though." He wiggles his eyebrows. "But... that's all for now. Tonight, I would like to thank the very generous sponsor we all know and love... Peter piper Pancakes!"

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