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Subject: Re: The Couples' Game Show Game - Question 1
Author: dino432   (Authenticated as dino432)
Date: May 3, 2012 at 4:43:24 PM
Reply to: The Couples' Game Show Game - Question 1 by Rachael
Mr McMackelmuffin shuffled the cards in his hand before turning to Bonnie and Iris. A rather flamboyantly dressed chap, he made Bonnie feel dowdy, a sensation that had never occurred to her before. Despite this, Iris still protested they had overdressed. Bonnie was sitting in her good black dress with the floral pattern at the skirt and Iris was in jeans and her white cardigan.
"So, Iris," Mr McMackelmuffin smiled for the camera, "Tell me, would your partner prefer to read a dystopian sci-fi or a mystery thriller?"
Iris puffed out her cheeks, "I didn't think Bonnie knew how to read."
Bonnie blushed as Mr McMackelmuffin laughed with the studio audience.
"Excuse me, who does the books for the shop?" Bonnie whispered.
Iris cleared her throat, "But Bonnie would much prefer a mystery thriller. She loves Agatha Christie."
"All right then," Mr McMackelmuffin skipped over to the screen behind him, "Let's see what Bonnie said!"
The TV show logo disappeared and Bonnie's face appeared on the huge screen, "Well, I'm a big Poirot and Miss Marple fan, so I'll say mystery thriller."
The audience applauded.
"Well done, Iris, that's one fabulous point," Mr McMackelmuffin skipped back over and put the card to the back of his pile, "Now, Bonnie, would Iris choose to go ziplining or indoor skydiving?"
Bonnie was sure she knew the answer to this, "Iris hates the outdoors, so indoor skydiving."
"I don't hate the outdoors, I just prefer indoors," Iris whispered.
"Let's see what she said!" Mr McMackelmuffin skipped back to his screen where Iris's face appeared.
"Indoor skydiving, I hate heights."
Mr McMackelmuffin whooped loudly and skipped back to the girls' desk, "Well done, ladies, that's given you one more fabulous point so now you have two points, woohoo!" He punched the air.
Iris glanced at Bonnie, "Somebody remove the Red Bull from his dressing room."
Mr McMackelmuffin stepped towards the camera just before the director called a break, "We'll be back soon, but I want to thank our wonderful sponsor, Alshavea Llama Grooming, 'We'll shave your llama, because who doesn't want to see a shaved llama?' 75% off guaranteed!"
Bonnie sighed deeply and looked at Iris, "That reminds me, you could do with a haircut."

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