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Subject: Re: Plots and Titles
Author: Rachael   (Authenticated as stingraybunnyturtle7)
Date: May 9, 2012 at 11:41:20 AM
Reply to: Re: Plots and Titles by Mercy Joy

Wouldn't Architecture be done by machines?,Maybe not the designing but maybe the robots could do that too
The design is done by the people. Robots make it.

So they are assigned a job, how do they pick jobs for people, and how does one get a job in a world where they are eliminating people in secret rooms?
At the end of high school (or, in Alec's case, right before it), you take a test and they choose it based on that.

Do they save the people from being killed? Or do they turn a blind eye to it,
I was thinking trying to stop the whole process by telling the public, but eventually they'd get sent there

Wouldn't the architect know about he secret rooms since he designed them?, So why did he designed it if he didn't agree with it in the first place?
Katica knows, but if she tells him, they get sent in. He thinks they're just doing 'practice stuff' or just weird designs. Most design is done by the government workers.

Since he has knowledge he could save his friends to escape the rooms by putting a secret passage ways or know someone who can get him out of there?
The government checks everything before it's put in. The government wouldn't let them out.

If the government knows where he is at all times, is it possible to escape?
That's my issue with the new plot. I don't know how they'd get out, even on foot without phones and stuff. (I suppose they could swim to Canada :) )

I'm debating abandoning the original rooms part because I think it's too Hunger Games-y. Wdyt?

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