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Subject: Leo
Author: allibrooke1223   (Authenticated as allibrooke1223)
Date: May 10, 2012 at 1:37:25 PM
I am a creating a story using characters from the Middle Ages. The main character is Leoford. I will list the names of other characters and their relationship to Leo. Please help me expand the world, give last name suggestions(none have any) or critique names. Thanks!

-Beatrice( Leo's wife)
-Brennus (Leo's first son with Beatrice)
-Avilan (Leo's first daughter with Beatrice)
-Alba (Leo's second daughter with Beatrice)
- Gracien (Leo's second son with Beatrice)
-Lynna (Leo's true love)
-Catteric (Lynna's husband)
- Jolis (Leo's son with Lynna)
- Gemma (Lynna and Catteric's daughter)
- Drystan (Lynna and Catteric's son)
- Atticus (Leo's father, also the name of Leo's deseaced older brother)
- Joan (Leo's mother)
- Justyna (A young lady who tries to gain love from Leo)
- Elizabeth (Justyna's sister)
- Gareth (A boy who works for the Leo)
-Alderan (A knight)
- Damian(blacksmith)
- Van (Leo's mentor)

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