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Subject: Island
Author: allibrooke1223   (Authenticated as allibrooke1223)
Date: May 10, 2012 at 1:55:05 PM
Hi everyone! I wanted to tell you about one of my stories. It involves 4 main characters, Chance Cooper, Morelee Reid, Everic Daly, Brixlon Booth, also including many minor characters. They all live on an island discovered in the 1800s by British explorers. Once on the island, people cannot remember anything about where they are from of how they got there. There is not time. The sky is always stuck between day and night, so it is light enough to live and dark enough to sleep. Now let me tell you a little about the characters. Chance is a 27 year old with dirty blonde hair and blue-green eyes. He is 6'3" and very athletic. He is greatly gifted at the game Crosser which is played quite a lot on the island. Chance has a great sense of humor, but is almost of afraid of his own shadow. He hates trying new things. Morelee is a 25 year old with medium brown hair and green eyes. She is average built and 5'7". She is quite adventurous and loves the outdoors. Everic is 21 with black hair and bright blue eyes. He is very thin and 5'5". He is shy and prefers to stick with Morelee, his bestfriend. Everic is also very smart. Brixlon is a 23 year old blonde. She is very sweet and doesn't mean any harm. She tends to be friends with every one and flirts often. Two more characters are Dashiell and Lillia Roget. Dash is the coach of the famous Crosser team which Chance plays on. He is 43 with straight brown hair and brown eyes. He is hot headed but loves his wife dearly. Lillia is 38 years old with red hair which she dyes brown. She does this because no one on the island has red hair but her. She is afraid of what would happen if someone finds out, since everyone is a decedent of the first settlers....except her. Chance, Morelee, Everic, and Brixlon go on many adventures on the island, which I write short stories about. Please tell me what you think of my story, characters and all. Thanks!

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