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Subject: What Do you Think of This Story?
Author: Kinola   (guest,
Date: May 14, 2012 at 6:11:50 PM
Okay, I thought up another story idea, but I'm not sure about this one.

Here's how it goes: it's about three young children: Boy, Shirley, and Norman, Shirley's older brother by three years. All three of them aren't too happy with their lives right now. Boy is the youngest of his parents' eleven sons, and he's often viewed as a ne'er-do-well who gets in trouble a lot. He has to help out often at the inn his family owns, but his brothers often pile their chores on him.

Shirley and Norman lived only a few blocks away from the inn Boy's family runs, in an orphanage run by a couple named Isaac and Lorraine Wellington. Isaac and Lorraine have claimed that the two are their niece and nephew, but that was just a lie created so they'd never get adopted. The two have to work in order to earn their stay, and are treated terribly by both the orphans and Lorraine and Isaac. Shirley and Norman both know that this was not the life they were meant to have, but sadly, they cannot remember anything before the orphanage. Two gold and ruby medallions are what they have from their past life.

One Friday afternoon, Boy is washing dishes at the inn when Shirley and Norman arrive, asking his parents to stay the night in exchange for completing a few chores. While Boy is leading them to the room they are to stay in for the night, they confide to him that they are running away from the orphanage, and they ask Boy to not tell anyone. Boy agrees.

But the next morning, Isaac and Lorraine arrive at the inn, demanding the siblings. Norman decides that he and his sister have had enough of the abuse, and Boy helps them escape, only to go with them when he is caught running out the back door.

Now, the three young children are on the run, and they are afraid of the consequences they will receive when they are captured and sent back. Fortunately, they take shelter with a traveling circus, and it is there that the greatest adventure of their lives will begin.

So, any opinions? What did you think so far? Anything I should add or take out? I'd like to hear them, please. :)

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