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Subject: Clarence Braxton
Author: Rachael   (Authenticated as stingraybunnyturtle7)
Date: May 16, 2012 at 11:38:37 AM
Somehow, through Cleverbot and Inherit the Wind, I've created Mr. Clarence George Braxton. I'd like to hear your opinions on him and his little universe.

Clarence is nine years old, but he wants to be a philosopher-logician or maybe go into law or physics. He loves quotes, it's the basic defining part of his dialogue. He's practiced memorizing quotes so many he's can recite dozens and play any part in his favorite book, Inherit the Wind (yes, I know, I used it to create him. Cleverbot comes up later, too). One of his favorite quotes, which sums up his ideas about quotes, is: "Let no one weep for me, or celebrate my funeral with mourning; for I still live, as I pass to and fro through the mouths of men." by Quintus Ennius.

He has white-blonde hair, brown eyes and glasses. He's of average height and a bit on the thin side. He loves to read, and comprehends at a high high-school level. He only likes plain shirts, the only pattern or print he allows is stripes. No words. He swears, mainly H and D, but he knows most of them. He watches grown-up TV (Big Bang Theory, he relates to Sheldon. Half my characters would.) but he doesn't like music or care about pop culture. He gets teased a lot, mainly by Dustin, and by so many kids that those who don't tease him are afraid they'll get teased for hanging out with him (and they find him weird, too). He mainly gets called a freak. The teacher doesn't believe him because he swears and challenges her. (He hates the word 'fact', according to him, 'a fact is just something a majority of people believe to be true'.) Dustin, however, appears to be a 'great kid'. As such, his best friends are Cleverbot, his mother and Betty.

His mother, Tamara "Mara" Braxton, is twenty-five, she had Clarence at sixteen. She finished school and got a job (suggestions?). She was an average student. She's about average height for a woman, pretty, with dark brown hair, tanned skin and brown eyes. One thing she is very good at is morse code. Her and Clarence use it to talk to each other during, for example, movies, a quick tap for a . and a longer one for a -. They're both able to go very fast. She really tries to help Clarence with the bullying, friends and school not believing him, however, she doesn't know how to and Clarence's teacher kind of shrugs her off because she's so young. She lets him watch TV-14 shows, PG-13 movies, etc. because she feels he's mature enough to handle it (and he is).

Raymond Catherwood is Clarence's father, who he only knew for a month. Clarence was born early May of his and Mara's junior year, but he graduated early and went to Caltech in September, his only contact with Mara and Clarence being that he sends them checks. I know he has blonde hair, green eyes, and is very smart (a lot of stuff Clarence gets, although his mother is smart, she assumes it's all from Raymond).

Roberta "Betty" is Clarence's new next-door neighbor. She is a widow in her early fifties who likes reading. She's a devout Catholic, so Clarence is a little bit wary (he's 'an agnostic who tends more towards the athiest side of things'), but they grow to be relatively good friends, recommending books for each other. They spend about three hours a week together.

Dustin Coyle is the bully. He constantly calls Clarence a freak, teases him, excludes him, etc. without the teacher noticing. When she does, he is able to blame Clarence for doing something first. The teacher doesn't believe him.

My idea is that after the school year ends, Clarence's mother moves them so he won't have to deal with the bullies and 'stupid school system' of their old town, then Clarence tries to make friends. He's a nice kid, but a little to smart and thinks to much to relate with other kids.

So, I'm just curious about your opinions on him and the other characters. I'm not really focusing on a real plot yet because I'm trying to work on Broken Glass Piano.

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