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Subject: Re: Build-a-Soundtracked-Story Part 2
Author: Fiammetta   (Authenticated as lady murasaki)
Date: May 20, 2012 at 11:00:37 AM
Reply to: Build-a-Soundtracked-Story Part 2 by klundtacular
Ooh, I love Everybody Knows !

The door of the café creaked open. Meredith hoped it might be Marcie. The woman standing at the door was anything but. To Meredith’s eyes she was, like most Polish women, dressed in a rather frumpy way, in sensible shoes and a long, shapeless skirt. Not that it mattered; she would have looked good in a potato sack. Barely more than a girl, in her early twenties probably, she looked like one of those maidens in the Polish countryside that featured in those costume dramas meant to make up for the lack of Hollywood entertainment. A frilly little bow was perched on the corn silk waves of hair.

The middle-aged Brit at the table next to Meredith’s raised his eyes, transfixed in recognition. The young woman slipped on the banquette seat next to him. They started whispering urgently to each other, in English. “Joe, oh, Joe.” Meredith heard her repeat, as he brushed her hair, his fingers lingering on her bow. He shook his head; they both looked wan.

“Right. So many people you had to meet.” Meredith heard Joe say.
“It was only a night or two.” The girl answered, lowering her eyes.
“Right. I know you love me. You really do.” he said, wearily.

Meredith was feeling increasingly uncomfortable, more than uncomfortable actually, rather lost and miserable. But she couldn’t bring herself to rise from her chair and leave. She wondered how this stunning girl had wound up with the likes of Joe. There must be something in for her. Yet if he was smitten (in spite of not coming across as the type to get smitten), apparently so was the girl. Either that, or she deserved an Oscar.

Meredith was interrupted in her thoughts, because she presently caught Joe eyeing her darkly, in contrast with his previous affability with her.

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