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Subject: Re: The Couples' Game Show Game - Question 2
Author: Zaïre Ann   (guest,
Date: May 23, 2012 at 9:52:48 PM
Reply to: The Couples' Game Show Game - Question 2 by Rachael
"Welcome to the 'How Well Do You Know Your Partner?' show!" McMackelmuffin greets, making his extravagant entrance. Dressed in a tacky glittery green suit, he wiggles his eyebrows at the camera as he sits down in his chair. "Tonight, we welcome Rosie Pine and Theresa Lowes back to the show. Last time, they both figured each other's out. So they knew each other pretty well. But... what about this time?" He shoots a sly look at the camera. "Come on out, girls!"

Theresa comes out, a huge grin on her face. Her hair is combed back out of her face, revealing better her big eyes and rosy cheeks. Rosie comes out not far behind Theresa, a little shyer than her bold buddy. Wearing a simple red dress, she sits down in her spot with Theresa to her left.

When they're sitting down, McMackelmuffin shoots them both the hugest grin either girl has ever seen. He turns to Rosie. "So, Rosie Posie Pine, tonight you go first. Let me ask you, your question." There plays a drumroll. "Rosie, what is Theresa's favorite game?"

When the drumroll sounded, Rosie became nervous and fidgety. But when Marty asks her her question, she laughs. "Favorite game?" She grins, looking over at her best friend. "That's easy. Theresa has this game she made up with her brother Francis. They call it 'Reesie's-and-Frankie's-Super-Uber-Awesomosity-Word-Maker-Upper-Game.' How it works is somebody comes up with a random word--adjectives are used a lot--and makes up a random new form for it. 'Awesomosity' actually is one of Reesie's such words."

McMackelmuffin guffaws. "Well, well, well, let's see what Theresa has to say about that." With that, he presses the play button.

Theresa's face appears on the screen. Her laughing face fills the whole thing, her laughter a large, rich sound. "Easy peasy pumpkin pie!" her voice chortles. "Of course my favorite is the one and only 'Reesie's-and-Frankie's-Super-Uber-Awesomosity-Word-Maker-Upper-Game.' The reason it's called that is because Frankie's always asking me to make up a word for him. So he'll give me a word and I'll make a new form and that's how our game started. It's a lot of fun."

McMackelmuffin grins at Rosie. "Well, tooky lair... I lean, hooky mare... Sy dean, jooky pair... Ooohay... It's fime tor a brommercial cake. I mean... commercial break."

When they break for a commercial, McMackelmuffin hurries away. Rosie glances at Theresa. Theresa glances at Rosie. And they crack up. "That... was THE most hilarious boof-up ever!"

Soon, the show is back on. McMackelmuffin's face is still red from embarrassment when he says, "Okay, welcome back, folks! It's now time for... Theresa's question. Drumroll!" The drums roll. "Theresa Cherisa Lowes, here is YOUR question: What is your partner's favorite memory?"

Theresa was hoping for an easier question. "What?" she asks incredulously. "Ummm..." She wrinkles her brow. "How on this big boogly world am I supposed to know that? Rosie Buddy and I have been friends for like a year!" McMackelmuffin wiggles his eyebrows at her. Rolling her eyes, she sighs, "I'll take a probably balderdashical guess and say... when she moved to Oregon?"

Play tape. "Favorite memory... favorite memory..." Rosie's voice can be faintly heard as the taped version of her muses the question. "I'd... have... to say... holding my baby brother--well... was baby brother, Louis--for the first time."

"Oh, so sorry, Theresa Cherisa Lowes. You're wrong." Turning back to the audience, Marty winks and says, "And that's all for now, folks."

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