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Subject: Possible Fantasy/Adventure Story
Author: Kinola   (Authenticated as Kinola)
Date: May 28, 2012 at 10:44:22 AM
I only thought of this story today, so it will take a while before this story develops fully.

This story (possible book series/possible trilogy) was inspired by the movie "Rio". It focuses on a set of triplets who find themselves kidnapped and dragged down to South America, where they learn of their unusual ability to communicate with birds as well as of their paternity (can't say who their daddy is!). The girls have to find a way back home while evading their kidnappers and other kinds of dangers.

Characters (So Far):

Lilac Maureen Welsh - The protagonist and the oldest of the triplets. Eleven-years-old, with periwinkle irises and light brown hair, young Lilac has sometimes felt forlorn, usually unable to get along with her stepfather, in spite of his good intentions. She feels as though something about her is amiss, but she can't figure out why.

Marigold Johannah Welsh - The second of the triplets, a sweet, naive girl who usually looks on the bright side of life, much to her sisters’ annoyance.

Freesia Margaret Welsh - The youngest of the triplets, a total tomboy.

Peony Delilah Welsh (nee Ingman) - The triplets’ mother, married to MartinMarty” Welsh. She had taken part in an exchange program in South America during her last year of college, and when she returned, she was pregnant with triplets, much to the shock of everyone who knew her.

Martin JamesMarty” Welsh - The triplets’ stepfather, a computer programmer from Springfield, Illinois who had inherited the Owl Island inn his dead uncle Wilbur previously owned two years prior to the events in the story. He married Peony when his stepdaughters were six.

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