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Subject: Religion
Author: Lopus H. Etterie   (Authenticated as Illunaxettia)
Date: May 30, 2012 at 7:42:36 AM
Reply to: Re: Homosexuality by Etoile
I'm an atheist, but the people around me are either Christian, Liberal, or Turbochristian. For a majority.

I don't trust any friends I see on a day-to-day or an almost day-to-day basis, because a majority of them will either poke fun that I wrote something like that into a novel, or they'd act like brats and make fun of the characters in the novel.

And by mature, I mean someone who won't become a snarky [curseword] because of the fact there's a same-sex relationship, there's sex implied, and the fact that the girl doesn't get the guy.

I know someone who thinks every homosexual(Excluding lesbians, apparently) needs to be slaughtered.

I had to refer him to a little something in history called the "Holocaust".

He's one person I will NEVER allow to read my novel.

Novice writer, just trying to make a living.

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