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Subject: Re: what do you think of this prolouge of a story?
Author: RoxStar   (Authenticated as RoxStar)
Date: May 30, 2012 at 8:01:06 AM
Reply to: what do you think of this prolouge of a story? by tazzz
I guess it could work, but it seems kind of stereotypical. I don't know, but so many books about people with various disabilities are so formulaic: 1. they have special powers. 2. they are miserable and have no friends or 3. They are so superhuman and have such unbelievable adventures. I don't know that I've ever seen a book where the main character was disabled but just did ordinary things and had ordinary experiences and the disability wasn't somehow the focus of the book.

BTW: You really, really, really, need to work on your spelling. I understand you don't see the printed word on the monitor, but if you have synthetic speech software, you should be able to hear many of the misspelled words being pronounced oddly, and if you use a Braille program you should be able to tell that things are not spelled right.

You could have the greatest book idea in the world, but it doesn't mean much if the typing is so sloppy that people can't make sense of it or don't want to bother trying to decipher it.
What you have here is a prologue, not a prolouge.

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