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Subject: Trope Month games, anyone?
Author: Etoile   (Authenticated as Etoile)
Date: June 1, 2012 at 9:47:37 AM
So a while ago I said that I'd make a month's worth of games based on tropes and specifically those cataloged on the wonderful, terrible, and thoroughly addictive website known as TV Tropes. What are tropes, you ask? Their homepage does a far better job of explaining tropes as we will be using the term than I ever could: . (Per Amphelise's request, I would like to add the following warning: TV Tropes is a highly addictive substance known to cause loss of many hours of productivity, alterations to vocabulary through the use of trope names, and immense awareness of conventions and clichés in all works of fiction and even real life. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!)

Because I'm rather busy at the moment and can't make it so that all of June is filled with trope games, I will not start this until probably the eighth, and will then proceed to use an Alternative Calendar of a sort and keep the games running until roughly July eighth. Does that sound good?

Now, the real problem here is that I'm not entirely sure how these games will work. Ideally, I'll have about two games a week, for a total of about eight games, and I only have three ideas:

1. "Trope Your Characters", in which you pick a handful of characters and look through the characterization tropes and find as many tropes that apply to your characters as you can; I'll probably keep a tally of what tropes are used and who has the most troperiffic characters. This will either be the first game as a crash-course in troping, or the last, as a cumulative project, so please tell me which you'd prefer. Here's the link to those tropes: if you want to get started. Feel free to follow links to other places as you desire.

2. Trope Prompts, in which I will give you a randomly chosen trope or several and you must then write something that makes use of it. (The random button doesn't work properly for these purposes, especially since I'd like to keep the games G- or PG-rated and some of the tropes are very R-rated; I promise I will be random in choosing tropes).

3. Either a self-fanfiction game or a Mary Sue game based on the TV Tropes index of fanfiction genres or Mary Sue types. I'm thinking of turning this into a guessing game by either having you go to the index and pick a genre/type of Sue and then write your piece without telling anyone what you've chosen and letting the rest of us guess, although if it's self-fanfiction, I might just do it the usual way and have you put up something about your characters and then everyone suggests a different fanfic genre for you to write. We could also do both, using the Mary Sues for the guessing game and the genres for the self-fanfic game.

I'm open to any other ideas for trope games that you might have, as well as suggestions for how to do those games (or even whether to do them at all). So, dear fellow Writing Room denizens, what do you think?

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